Temporary Ban

I recently got a temporary Ban, and I admit, I’ve cheated in the past. I would like to know that since I’ve stopped cheating, will I be able to play the game normally after the Ban? Or will this have further repercussions in the future?


I think temporary ban is like warning if you don’t do again you’ll be fine. I think there is :bug::beetle: in that it must show time for how long you got banned instead of [global_time_hm]:roll_eyes:


That’s what I think as well. But Id like to know that for sure before putting any more money into the game.

How did you cheat?

That dont make any sense to talk about. The fact is that he cheated and Ludia is going through accounts now and banning people. Talking about how you cheat has no place in here or any other place imo.


Inquiring minds want to know. But I should’ve just PM’d him.

Can any mod help me?

Maybe hit the contact us button?

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Hey Stanlee4527, there will be no more consequences if the spoofing is stopped. I hope that helps!

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@Ned is temporary ban gonna affect anything like leaderboard in arena or something like that?

Bans - here we go

Think of the banning system as baseball, 3 strikes and your out. Depending on no how much/ bad you cheat you will get longer bans. If this was your first strick (ban) and you stop there will be no further penalties.

If you continue to cheat you could lose access to leaderboards, clans and more eventually leading to permanent bans.

For inquiring minds first ban is 24hs.


Thanks @J.C :ok_hand::rofl:

There’s no spoofing in dragons titan uprising. You’re sure you’re not mistaking this with JWA?

Sorry, spoofing/cheating. I get those 2 mixed up. :sweat_smile:

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3 strikes? Are you saying that it is acceptable for the person to cheat twice, and only on the third time he/she should be banned permanently?

This is not a baseball game where 3 strikes are granted for chance. People should NOT cheat at all in the first place. When they get caught, ( although I dont really agree that they should be given a second chance at all because they should know better ), there should only be one final chance. If they abuse it, they should be ban permanently out right.

Why should there be any leniency for people who exploit the game, and condoning the behavior of potentially trying to cheat again while hoping they don’t get caught only on the third time.

If I were you, I will make it not worth the while at all to cheat cause as soon as you get caught, you loses the entire account and end of story.


Yes! This!

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It is possible to permanently banned for a first offense depending on how the person cheated, how much they cheated, etc. This is not a hard rule, just an outline to help clear confusion.


What if I’ve cheated in the past and stopped, haven’t got a temporary ban yet, am I to live in constant fear of being permanently banned in thr future even though I’ve stopped cheating?

You better stop playing this game instead of living in fear lol

Well I’ve made a mistake in the past and learnt my ways, spent a lot of time as well. I feel like the past should remain in the past

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