Ten thousand darts...?

Howdy @TheMaxx, I wonder if we all get the same tasks/missions for the Ranks. I doubt it but let’s confirm if you don’t mind.

Our 5 Rank 4 Missions:
Creature Engagement - 30k (like yours)
Fund Acquisition - 1.25 million
Advanced Extraction - 60k of Epic
Extraction - 1 million
Seek Supplies - 4k

Our alliance is 0/5 on Exploration Rank 4. 2/5 on Defense Rank 3. So kudos to your alliance! Definitely helps when more folks are active!

The only other one i can see is 900k common dna because the others are already completed. I don’t think we’ve had an epic dna requirement yet unless i just wasn’t paying attention.

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Yeah once it gets completed we can’t view the task anymore besides who is the MVP…lol. When the missions started everyone blasted their way through Rank 1/2 before I could even look or take a snapshot lol

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In my guild, I think there are only like maybe 15 active people of the 49-50. I’m darting left and right all day on my two accounts plus a scent or two. Yesterday between the two I shot around 1200 darts. Today, about 1000 so far. My second account is going to be the top contributor in the end showing about 10 to 15% contribution unless someone else had been darting gung-ho. Maybe, our guild can hit rank 3 by the end of the day tomorrow. I doubt we will hit rank 4 by the end of the week. I’m getting dart burn out.

My alliance only has 5 active members and we’ve almost gotten the 10k darts for the incubator.

Could always use more people though. :wink:

@Tori_baugh @Wilshire1966 we might be in trouble after rank 2. Lol


@Asta to give you an idea of what Rank 3 looked like for us.

Creature Engagement - 20k
Fund Acquisition - 150k
Marksmanship - 5k (hard to do)
Advanced Extraction - 12k
Extraction - 400k

If you need to find out what these tasks are, they are explained here: Alliance Missions Coin/Cash/DNA Amounts and Tasks Info

Time to boot the non-active and find more active folks because at the end of the day everyone that didn’t help can also redeem your hard efforts…I believe the term is freeload off of you but I prefer parasite.

Yuck, those will be hard to do.

Our alliance is a close nit group. Those that aren’t active are away for work or something of the like. A rl friend of mine is waiting to get a new phone since her app doesn’t work for her phone anymore

One mission i don’t really agree is the “daily battle incubator”.
I cannot do 2 or more a day, so i cannot help anything if members didn’t do it.
Maybe Ludia should consider this and change this mission to another.

But if you can manage to complete Rank 3 though, it’ll be 6k coins and 35 cash in addition to the dino DNA

That daily battle incubator is what they call the rate limiting factor that determines how quickly you can complete this rank. At 60 for Rank 3, it will take at least 20 full hours before we can complete it again so it’ll take 2 days to complete with at least 30 folks active. If they haven’t been on then they can complete several of them back to back until they are caught up. Not sure if there is a cap for this. Best to ask those that camped out during tournament how many they saved up lol.

There will be challenges for the Ranks but this is the first run so I’m sure we will all find out if Rank 5 is even doable!

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I couldnot save up daily battle incubators when i was not battling…you need to complete 10 takedowns on creatures to save up one daily b i, if you dont do that you will just miss one inc when the next day starts

Glad our alliance is faster than the apex :slight_smile:

Even if u had camp during tournament and can do more than 1, eventually it returns to just 1.
As the basis of the mission cannot be “assisted” by more play or real challenge, this is one members cannot help each other.

I think so, but hope i am wrong and someone can enlighten how to do more a day per player.

I just want that sino dna. Lol

Join the L5 folks lol. I’m sure they completed Rank 5 already somehow someway

You know, if they gave the top contributor 2X the reward for the item completed, that would inspire people to race to do more.

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Great idea

make it 5x

But you have two accounts right? So you could hog the progress and claim for yourself lol

We just hail the person who was the MVP it promotes good teamwork and gratification knowing you are very much appreciated.