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Tennessee predators

New alliance just created looking for new daily members to reach goals and share DNA. Come join us

where in TN are you from?? we have a knoxville jwa alliance already if you wanna join

we get gold exploration and silver of the other every weekly rewards (concav just isnt worth the effort to get it gold)

Knoxville as well was in a alliance called Tennessee but only 25 were active so a group of us left and will try to grow the TN predators

well feel free to join the Knoxville JWA, we have 40 or so active members that do very well! we only have 2 rules:

  1. Dont request DNA that is already up for request (that way we arent flooded with 20 Velo requests)
  2. Must be 2000 trophies or more (so we know they are active)

Pretty cool

Looking for active players, not necessarily just from Tennessee.

Looking for active players.

We still have slots open in Tennessee predators