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Having worked hard for the last couple of weeks on T Rex gen 2 and Dilo gen 2 I am very disappointed that I have found NO Tenontosaurus spawning as of yet …the spawn rate must be extremely low for this event just as I thought we had turned a corner with this…Please Ludia give the community a break and hold decent events where we can get some rewards for our efforts and not leave the playing field disheartened and frustrated…P.S any news on alliance missions🤔


I saw one today and that has been the first since before Christmas.

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Saw 4 and caught two.

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I figured they would not be populated as much as Dilop Gen 2 was but this is rediculous. If you’re trying to get me to buy rare scents it’s not working. I think we’re all wise to your tricks for money. Fix your glitches, bugs and Alliance missions and for once try to act like a corporation that is providing a game for us to enjoy.


As it’s rare, it won’t spawn as commonly as diloph gen2; however, it’s not spawning as frequently as T-Rex gen2 did two weeks ago. I wonder if that’s because tenonto is usually a park spawn? Either way, highly irritating.


I saw like 6


See what you did there with the topic title :rofl:


Rex Gen 2 being a global spawn was a more frequent site to begin with. Tenonto is a lot easier to find in parks. Ran 2 rate scents in the park yesterday got 5 and 4… ran another a bit ago and got 5 more. ( one was random and not a scent spawn). Before this event I would get 1 or 2 per scent (3 was a very rare treat)

Park spawns are still weird FYI. If a rare spawns and you don’t want it,(Quetzal) dart the other dino first and when you finish that one somethimes the rare you didn’t want changed. Got a Quetzal to change into a Triceratops and a Carnotaurus to turn into a Utahraptor for some reason.


I saw two today, just wasn’t able to go out and get them.


I’d say it’s because tenonto is rare we won’t see as many as we saw dilo…but we saw TONS of trex2s that week, so…

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I saw 4 today. But not enough spawn i agree…


Agreed, it is definitely less than trex gen 2 was… and sure, trex gen 2 is already a global spawn, but still, its only for a week, i say let the tenontos run around in freedom!!! :joy:




I’ve seen six so far today, although I was disappointed yesterday when I used two rare scents and saw none :woman_shrugging:

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Still nothing here too…

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They made it very rare. Want us using scents in parks for the next two years to unlock the unique :wink:


This game goes from super exciting to not, faster than finding out your hot new model girlfriend has more junk than you.

I’m also realizing they design the RNG to swing wildly to elicit highs and lows. The lows tend to make you feel your team isn’t up to par so you spend real cash. The highs are designed to keep you coming back for more.

I guess this is a young person’s game, as many of us older folks have had relationships like this and ditched that significant other that was crazy fun to be with (mostly in bed), but took out their frustrations on you when alone.

I prefer the stable relationship. This game is only getting crazier with RNG and attempting to take our cash.

I’m tired of going on the 5 up 10 down train.


The problem with this is that rex gen2 is a global rare so it will seem as though the event has made it spawn like crazy where as tenonto is a park only now so it won’t be spawning like crazy as a rex gen 2 more like a local slightly more frequent local epic


I have already seen 4 just sitting home :woman_shrugging:

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Nothing in the town at the moment where I live/work but just popped across to the next town over and got 4 (dusk) with another out of range … go figure

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