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Tenonto deserves to be faster than Thor


With the impending nerf on tenonto and the buff on thor, tenonto deserves the speed advantage. It is the only really reliable counter to thor and since Ludia has been handing out sino DNA like it’s candy lately - well, there will still be a plague of sino based uniques everywhere. It’d be nice to have a dino that they face and think “oh :poop:, one of those” - that just isn’t out there right now.


I think so too, it shoud have like 110/111 speed and maybe a little less attack


The impending -10 attack stat lol literally unnoticeable difference


-15 off your impact and -20 off your rampage. Big deal

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At 26… I’m too lazy to do the math, what is it at 30? Yeah, the only time I’ll notice it is when my tenonto leaves someone with under 100 HP, when it could have taken them out.

I’ll screenshot today vs tomorrow


It will be 1981 give or take the rounding at level 30


Which is -13


So the rare circumstance that ur rampage misses killing someone by less than 26 it will be affected. That’s the most minimal thing ever tho


I still think it should be faster. lol




Regardless of the nerf, I think it could be a little better. But then again… I could say the same of many other dinos…


then make magna quicker then indo too


They deserve the same speed tier. If speed didn’t rely so much on your phone, internet connection, distance to Ludia’s servers, etc…it would be perfect.

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Also tryko should be faster than thor :joy:
No I’m serious, mainly cuz i love tryko and hate when he gets crushed by thors…
Also either magna or indoraptor should get speed lowered to 127, i dont like the speed tie stuff

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Get a Velociraptor, nothing speed ties with it.


We’ll have stat boosts soon.
Anything can be faster than anything else now


Think so too. Ever noticed how skinny Thor’s legs are?


Yes omg that always bothers me. It’s a giant with little legs


dilo is fast and is one of the ingredients so it could be faster. but not this patch…


I would love to have tenontorex just one speed faster than thor. I mean with the damage reduction it should somewhat counter thor’s high damage attacks but with the huge influx of sino dna the past few months there is no way to level up tenontorex as fast as thor. At least give tenontorex some value to reflect it is soo hard to get with those park exclusive components.

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