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Tenontorex advice


Just unlocked Tenontorex and wondering if she has a place on my team at level 21… Not really impressed at what I have seen in the arena so far… Currently floating between 5.1 and 5.2k trophies…


Tenonto is a tank buster more versatile then Thor not necessarily better but superiority strike works well for it. You have Thor and gorgo in that role. Until Tenonto gets closer to team level no need to add it.


Certainly has no place at the moment; mine replaced L27 Stegod once it reached L24 … so-so in that role; not blowing me away but not rushing to swap back either; another level or two would probably cement its place (until Magna gets up to strength).

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Mine is a tank destroyer along side Thor, and it does a great job at level 25. However, I do not have an over leveled gorgosuchus like you do so :woman_shrugging:

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I use mine to start from time to time but excels as revenge killer cause can drop nearly 2k hit first turn and then have it’s rampage charged! hard counters dilorachi(if dilorach goes for distraction first turn, which most dilorach users do out of habit!) with ss dsrampage, can trade with spinota. One shots a lot of meta Dino’s on crit ds impact 1st turn! It’s like a technical trex utilizing debuffs to counter anti armour and speed and raw damage on defense shattering moves for mowing down tanks. I have Thor and this guy on same team Thor is like a battering ram all power focus, tenontor is like power+option to do some dilo style shenanigans

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