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Tenontorex Damage

So either Jurassic World Field Guide is wrong or is Tenontorex’s Damage become the same as Trex’s damage? I’m just curious because I went in there to see what I could come up with for a new hybrid, and Tenontorex was sitting in front of Trex for damage. Just want to see if this is true or not, because if so, that really doesn’t make any sense.

Yeah it does. My bro uses Tenonto for friendlies and I can confirm its damage output is the exact same as Rexy

It’s a descendant of tryannolophosaur which is a combination of T. rex gen 2 and dilophosaurus gen 2. T. rex gen 2 doesn’t have as much attack as Rex but still a lot and dilopho gen 2 has 1800 so you can somewhat understand it but still doesn’t make much sense.

It’s also part hadrosaur, which were also given really high damage to make them strong healers (since healing is tied to the damage stat). So it having an attack tied with T Rex makes sense to me.

I agree with the fact that tenonto needs a lot of damage… but I wish T-Rex had the highest damage in the game…


I would like to increase trex’s damage to 2000, like mortem

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Unfortunately, they made tenontosaurus’ damage 1000, so it should not be on par with trex. Maybe if it had the same as tyranna or 1700 attack, it would be better

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Thing is that Mortem Rex is basicly an upgraded rex, so it should have more damage, but I agree that Trex should still be king of damage when it comes to dinos that can be either darted or fused

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Yeah 1700 like Tyranolophosaur might be better, but it doesn’t really surprise me that it has such high damage right now. I’m curious if others feel like it needs a nerf or not. I know mine certainly doesn’t feel overpowered.

It doesn’t feel overpowered, but it just seems wrong to have it as the same damage as trex.

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A lot of things feel like that now. For me it’s also weird that Velociraptor is no longer that only fastest dino in the game, which used to be it’s “thing”. But now it’s tied with Haast and Deinonychus. This doesn’t make those two feel overpowered though, so it’s hard to argue for a speed reduction on this principle alone. Same is true for Tenontorex.

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And then Mortem increase to 2500?

Technically Haast has the highest speed since it’s an epic and rarity is a factor in speed-ties.


With Haast Eagle, it has no rampage, so it relies on wittling you down, while being faster than everyone, due to it having the fastest speed and higher rariety than both of the raptors. Deinoychus has evasion as well as distraction, but has less damage. To componsate for this, Velociraptor got an Immunity to Distraction for losing the fastest creature title, which I think is worth it.

@Cheeseeater and @SonicNTGD this is exactly my point. Although it feels odd that Velociraptor now ties for fastest speed, this speed was given to those others for a reason. It doesn’t break the game, so there is no reason to reduce the speed of other 132 speed dinos because of this alone. So it’s hard to argue for Tenontorex losing damage simply because T Rex “should” have the highest damage in the game (besides Mortem).

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Yes. It is fine, but weird that it has the same damage when they stated that nothing will have the
same or higher damage than trex, besides mortem as that is an upgraded trex

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Yeah it definitely feels bizarre. I’m not sure when they stated that, but apparently they changed their minds.

Apparently so

kof kof tenonto became exclusive kof kof
Yeah,i know…
It make no sense at all but in ludia’s game dev mind,it do.

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True. I could have gotten such much dna as it spawned everywhere, but no. I didn’t care for it when the update came in, but now I somewhat like it, mainly for Mortem.