Tenontorex does way too much damage

People don’t even need to max boost his damage output and its already at 3000+ attack. For a while it used to be a Thor counterpart with only the moves being the difference, and now you have him doing way more damage. For comparison, you only need 12 attack boosts to have Tenontorex at lvl 30 to have 3000+ attack, whereas Thor needs 19 attack boosts to do over 3000. Why is it that Thor gets all the nerf hate when clearly the true horror is Tenonto?


Tenoto needs an exclusive component and is part healer. Every single component of TenontoRex deals a ton of damage. The rex, a healer and a extremely high damage cunning. Combine it all you get a wildcard that can deal a ton of damage. Plus cunning creature do well against it. And healers are supposed to deal a lot of damage so that they can heal a decent amount of damage. The only thing is I’m curious as to why Dilo gen 2 has so much damage for a cunning creature.


Thats the thing, the best cunning creatures don’t counter it. Erlidom and Erlikospyx lose completely to him due to him having resilient strike.


Problems with that though.

For one Tenatorex has 1,900 attack. No other healer comes close. Second other healers usually only have strike and heals so the high attack makes sense as the do only 1x damage. Tenato has not only 1,900 attack but also 1x, 1.5x and 2x multipliers. Plus no true cunning creatures actually beats it, spxs need luck and hope that it doesn’t go for either resilent strike again when it goes ID, or impact or rampage if it goes impact or rampage. Rinex need to stun which when it has 67% resistance is very unlikely, magna can be one shot if it tenato heals and then crits after a rampage. The only one that truly beats it is Alloraptor but thats if it doesn’t get hit with a crit impact. It’s not good against everything, it dominates.


Alright I can agree that it shouldn’t have resilient strike but I think it deserves the damage.

And before the things that held it back were tryko and maxima but now that they have been nerfed Tenatorex really has not that many bad matchups.

Off the bat I think only Mammolania, Gemini, Monolometrodon, truly counter it I believe. I’m not including the apex’s cause they are not wildly available to everyone and they are in a class of their own. Most are RNG, mind games , or just straight up loses, add to that boosts and boi it gets worse.

Actually, it’s mind games with Erlikospyx, but your point still stands.

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But honestly it shouldn’t by the logic tryko should also get 1,900 damge, same with indominus, Erlidominus, indoraptor, tyrannolophosaur, etc.

It’s a wild cards, wild cards are already the most power class cause they can counter everything, they definitely don’t need to also have trex levels of attack. And their are example of not needing high damage to be good. Monolorhino is that example it can counter all three class, do well against all three, but not dominate nor be at a disadvantage, that what a wild card should be even ludia has admitted it in their tips.

Another way is to just make its effects last 1 turn, so for example giving it superiority strike, cunning impact, and maybe something else could balance out its attack power.


Indoraptor is a cunning creature and would be overpower combining 1900 dmg with evasive. And both Dominus twins would then deal 20000+ dmg. The only explanation I can give for that is that its part healer and part fierce. The only creature that is a combo of both fierce and healer. I do think is is extremely powerful with the slowing down part as well as removing cloak and evasive. If they do nerf it it should only get something small like not being able to cleanse distraction.

Gyrpolth, megaolsuchus, purrolyth, tryostronix, postimetrodon, and enteloania: allow us to introduce ourselves


Here are two easy ways to help balance it out,

Give it either decelerating strike or superiority strike, give cunning impact instead of DI, give it 50% distraction resistance.

Or Lower it attack to around 1,600

All of them only heal themselves and aren’t hadrosaurs. ( Hadrosaurs are specifically meant to be raid healers.)

Nope GEH heals teammates, only heal doesn’t but that still counts as a healing type move at least in PvP . Plus why don’t other hybrids from hadros also have high attack like it.

Because they have their own niches. Grypo can stall and rending counter, purrolyth the same and megalosuchus, postimetrodon and tryostronix all have self buffing capabilities. Entelania is a weird one that doesn’t fit many roles.

That’s true but you can’t do that with a wildcard like Tenatorex, since by definition it counter everything. So their has to be sacrifices to that, either move wise, or stat wise. You can’t have a wild card and just have it dominant everything

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I mean it falls super hard to revenge killing. I literally just killed a 4 level higher tenonto with my unboosted alloraptor. Sure it killed my first creature and it was low on health but allowed alloraptor to set up and get his distracting rampage ready

Depends most of the time a Tenatorex will be able to heal before it takes you out or it will just be out of reach of a revenge kill.

Not really, the heal isn’t even priority so unless you face a mega boosted one, a fast cunning will easily revenge kill it.

Plus it deserves that power, it’s arguably one of the hardest uniques to get and level


Still it’s has a bit too much power. I mean the recent only 50 attack nerf to rhino I feel brings it right where it need to be. Not to much not to little, same thing can be done with tenontorex.

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Ok true, it has a little bit too much damage but not “way too much”, I think a 100 damage nerf could do, but more than that and it’s too weak for how hard it is to unlock

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