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Tenontorex Help!

Hi fellow Dino nuts,

I’ve seen quite a lot of posts heaping prose on how great Tenoto is now. I have her in my team lvl 24 unboosted. Maybe I’m doing it all wrong but I can’t get anywhere with her at all. Almost everything outspeeds her so she loses hp first attack. If I heal next turn again I’m losing hp 2nd attack!
With so much praise going around for how good she is in 2.0 I figure I’m maybe just not playing her properly! Any help would as always be greatly appreciated.


Having her unboosted and measuring her up against probably boosted opponents ain’t a bit unfair?

Plus, I can’t help you with “almost everything”.
You are gonna have to be more specific about what encounter you need help figuring out, and even them, most of them are attached to boosts.

Mine is around T20 in total boosts.
I find it great to go against a faster opponent, take the damage and then heal plus DSR combo.