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Tenontorex? Help!


Who uses it, and how?? I just got mine to L26 and still have no luck using it… It has some good moves and can do major damage, but I’m just clueless! haha

What does it counter well?
Opener or closer? - or an in between?

I figure with tenontosaurus being next weeks excessively spawning dino I could push it as high as 28/29, and I’d love to put it on my team!



I use it. Level 25, has a very flexible kit and to tell the thruth, i had some problems too at the beginning to figure out how to use it. It can do almost everything, can be good as an opener, as an in between and as a closer in the right circumnstances. It can counter Tryko, Thor if higher level, indo if it doesn’t dodge; as an opener it can counter spinota because it two shots her. My advice is to put it on your team and start playing with it, you have multiple options every turn and you have to learn how to use it by playing it.
Worst matchup are vs utarinex, magna, utahsino and distracting dinos.


@Kristi Your thoughts here?

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Open with ss against debuffers distracting impact against chompers, always rampage when it’s available basic jist


it has distract and ss plus wicked damage… just have to worry about the speed. it has ugly hands too :nauseated_face:

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I love it. If it were faster it could be great. I’ve been playing in the lower arenas for a few weeks, so I haven’t used it lately though. I’m actually looking forward to seeing how it does once the next tournament starts.

And it has great socks!


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The kit allows a pretty versatile approach.

My level 25 completely solo’d the entire 7 battles in today’s epic tower. Although, I did get lucky with a few well-timed crits.

That said, it’s not immune and it’s a bit slow so there are plenty of counters out there.


level 26 here,i still don’t know what to do with it…
I use it in Strike towers.In arena…so…so…


For as hard as it is create and level, especially now, this subject shouldn’t have come up. Nothing meant towards the OP at all. Mine is a 23 and I really hoped for it to join the team one day, but don’t think that will happen.


It is extremely versatile. It can two shot almost anything. It really is a tank buster cutting through stegodeous like butter. Being slow it self, it can slow and steal the second move or you can just use her to do enough damage to set up your next Dino for success. Example: bring in the green chicken to finish off your foe, then you have multiple options on how to destroy the next Dino coming in. Have fun and good luck! Knowing is half the battle.


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I love mine and it has a permanent spot on my team, unless there is a nerf or something.

Distract slower Dino’s, SS faster ones. Does that huge rampage hit, and can tank a few as well. Plus the random crits will occasionally one shot things. I’m not sure how else you would use it really. That’s pretty basic I think.

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Top tier Tryko counter. Head games with Monostego & Diloracheirus. Minor Indoraptor crowd control. Combination of SS & DI make it versatile with what it can pull off & if you can anticipate what your opponent’s going to do. Not an ideal opener (unless you’re seeing a trend of Tanks/Trykos opening), good middle of battle or even closer dino.


This whole thread has helped me as well, thanks all!

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I start with SS for anything fast or dinos with slow that are slower, that way I get 2nd more 1st and hit DSR. 90% of the time it was shots everything… Mine is almost 24 and works well.