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Tenontorex; more active ingredients for it to be found



Is it any good though?


don’t have tenontorex but heard that it is really good


Mine rocks at level 25, but you have to be careful on her setup. Not immune and no instant move. But with the superiority strike, 2 shattering attacks, DI, huge damage, and nice health pool she can both tank and chomp.

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Man I can’t wait for this!


I’ve tried my 22 a few times and thinking 23 plus will help it fair better in the 4800-5000 range.


She’s brilliant in the strike towers. Chewed through the armor themed strikes and one hit everything below epic level.

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A lot of the time the ones I face don’t get in a second hit, but when they do… whoa boy…


Yeah, you don’t want to start with her. Revenge kill and line up the DSR for attack two. Ideal for bringing out fresh against draco. High damage, often a one shot. Then DSR for 2nd attack. Either draco eats it or the incoming swap/fresh dino gets clobbered.


Metahub considers tenoto a tyrant class dino… also remember this thing also benefits from the change to SS making it much harder for it to be slowed.


It’s good! I have it at level 27 , but I think it’s better thora.


Ha ha! I love looking at all the posts, amazing dinosaurs I will have one day, but not now :wink:


24 must be the magic level when its over 4000 hp. The ss change will definately help. Off to the state park today with hopes of finding Dilo 2.

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Good hunting!


good luck out there :slight_smile: for me 21 is the magic number because it means I have unlocked her :smiley: