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Tenontorex needs a buff, like other Unique Dinosaurs


Greetings to all, I do not write this because i have some unique, in fact, i’m gonna create the tenontorex, but I think that its lack of skills, speed and efficiency in combat becomes remarkable when you create it, Sincerely it has a lot of life and a lot of damage, that is not can refute … what I offer are options to improve the creatures, I will create this survey series since tenontorex will not be the only hybrid of which I will ask, , so I propose some options to improve it , the immunity can be explained, velociraptor or t-rex are immune? … The shielding is for the creature to resist, it can be put on, why not? I do not think it is necessary that its components have to have those characteristics … Thora has 109 speed, its components less than 106 … tenontorex is the first of my survey because I think it should have more shielding a change of skills or some swap in … decide for yourselves, since tenontorex may seem like a great thing, but it is really a stuffed animal, at high level the tenontorex can be something effective but it dies quickly with harmful creatures such as erlidominus.
Tenontosaurus has stun, why tenontorex don’t have it?
Ludia can buff creatures as they did with Tryko, dies with wounds but a dinosaur can not be immortal, tenontorex seems to have more than 1 weakness


  • Inmune
  • Swap in…
  • More speed and armor
  • Rework Abilitys

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Tenontorex is already too strong in my opinion, it will start to show how devastrating it is around level 24 and above


I would better nerf all uniques and a bit legendaries instead…

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Don’t think it needs a buff either… But if they did that, a swap in distraction or stun would make more sense than the other choices… Every stun attack has a 1 turn delay, so there would be less options for a first turn move. Don’t know if that’s a good idea. Both DSI and DI are very useful.

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Actually, I think she could need some buff because she‘s not so versatile imo. Against same lvl Thor, the later will win (despite who clicks first).

Yes, she has SS, distract and good attack, but fails against many uniques (especially evasive ones in my case) and even some legendaries like -of course- Utahsinoraptor. Bleeders will finish her quiet easy.

I think she could use some speed buff; I mean Trago also got her high speed out of nowwhere.

She also doesn‘t fit as an allrounder or opener, it depends on the situation like with Tryo.

If more speed would be a problem, then I‘d love to see something like nullifying impact instead of DSI. I mean, she‘s part Dilophosaurus! :slight_smile:
Imagine a Tenontorex making an Iraptor user fear of his life. :heart_eyes:

So yes, I think she isn‘t versatile enough and can easily be defeated and could need some buff. Maybe, as mentioned higher speed or a change of DSI into NI.


Tragodistis got it’s speed cause back then Para had a speed of 128 I believe. That’s also where Tragod got it’s stun, from an older Para.


Ok thx I didn‘t know that.

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oh ,do you think utahsino is OP? :laughing:
Personnally,i pray for the balance of 1.7,for a come back of pirritator and a huge nerf of utahsino and dracocera.
But don’t worry about tenonto.
He is not the worst unique!


I have her at level 26 and don’t think she need a buff. Her kit is one of the most versatile in the game and she can outplay almost any dino if you play right. You can play her in any roles e.g. opener, revenge killer (slower dino), rat exterminator (my personal favorite). If you feel that she is weak, you are under-estimating her true power. When you compare dino strength, you have to do it at the same level. Just because the fact that over-leveled dino has more damage and HP.


Well, I only have her on lvl 22 and plan to upgrade my other team members first, like Monostego and Spinotahsuchus on 20, the rat on 19 and then Thor and Iraptor on 22. Gonna need a looooot of coins.


Roll on floor laughing! My lvl 24 is an absolute beast are you playing the same game!? A ss followed by dsr finishes a huge amount of high tier Dino’s! It’s crits will one shot full health Dino’s too?!?! Maybe use it a bit before judging it!


I have her 27 ready for 28 and she can 1 shot you if shes get that crit. Distracting impact makes thor look weak and she plays mind games with green chicken and tryk. Indo always uses evasive when he sees her but DI makes her use cleanse followed by ss and DSR if indo doesnt dodge shes gone.

I feel she could do with a nulifying SS and shed be perfect

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What? no it doesn’t. Why not add an option for not buffing this dino. Invincibility? You can’t be serious.


Yeah. I am with you. Definitely doesnt need buff and there should be option in poll


No offense, but it doesn’t need any buff. You just need to level it up a bit more or know how to actually use it …


I love mine and can honestly say it is a destroyer, and does not need a buff. It is strong enough. Buffing it more would be unfair.
Also, your poll does not work because you do not have the option to say no. It’s very skewed in my opinion.


Maybe Swap in Stun, otherwise it needs no buffs.


:slight_smile: nice the only problem for me with tenontorex is that dracocera is usually easier to level above tenonto. And with both being 109 speed dracocera would do massive damage with rampage 1v1. Even setting up an easy KO for a faster dino than tenontorex before being taken out.


All I’m getting from this is “noob mentality”. Anyone that has this on their team, leveled up atleast, knows the power it possesses. Tenontorex is in a fine spot right now


Agree with the most opinions, it doesn’t need a buff. Maybe a little rework (i would like to see on him some stunning abilities from his tenonto parent :joy:). But maybe a only swap in stun could fit in without making it op and making it way more versatile than what it is already now. A change of defense shattering impact into greater stunning strike could also change her role a bit but in my opinion would be too strong in combination with the speed tier and the high damage. I really like her a lot, is one of my favourite dinos, i have my at level 27 and my advice is try to level it up cause you have to learn how to play it.