Tenontorex - pros/cons, tips, suggestions, etc

So, I just unlocked this beautiful beast after a lot of tenonto hunting and an immense help from my alliance :smiley:

From those that have had her for a bit longer, what are your suggestions on how to use her on my team?

Played a few battles and she does hit really hard, as expected, but something seems to be missing :thinking: the dsi and dsr are really strong and the ss has its place against some dinos… but the distracting impact doesnt seem as useful as it is on faster dinos…

Is she missing something? What are some strategic ways to use her in battle? :face_with_monocle:

Let me hear your thoughts! image

IMO, she’s just a slightly different dino than Thor, instead of using IC she uses SS to get ahead. Given how hard it is to obtain that much Tenonto, I’d say she’s actually harder to create but is slightly worse in battle. Was really hoping she’d have a _____ and run as most hadros have to make her a little more worth the struggle and give her kit, or maybe a swap in stun like the base has. Boggles my mind why Ludia introduces this new mechanic and then doesn’t give any of their new Leg/Unique that ability. I understand not wanting to drastically change existing ones, but seems like a missed opportunity to employ new features.


Dino definitely should have a stunning impact

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I’m on the same boat: unlocked it during last week of tenonto event and switched in my team for Thor. Now is level 22 but i also cannot figure it out how to use her in the best way. In comparison with Thor i think that’s stronger against a larger number of dinos but is not “as unstoppable as” Thor. Using it now as a lead and it’s not bad. A stunning move (greater stunning impact instead of defense shattering impact) would be greatly appreciated but i don’t know if then it would be too strong…

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So I will admit up front that I am biased here. Please do not give it an instant charge or stunning move. Thats Thors area. And those of us that made thor did it at the cost of very valuable sino dna - meaning much lower level rinex. Tenonto isnt competing with anything.

A * and run makes sense as a hadro, but seems weird to me for a rex. I dunno. I wouldn’t be be opposed to it.

Regarding its placement in tyrant, I will say only this - how come this made it, and thor didnt? I feel thor does its role in the meta very well.

What is tenontos role? What is it good vs? I suppose tryko. Not sure what other metas (besides tanks) it does well vs. Ive never had issues with it (start ss as diloracheirus, start dr as rinex) but maybe folks dont know how to use it yet.

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As an Hadro makes sense also a stun move, and considering that none of her parents run makes more sense a stun instead of a run. Dilo gen 2 and tenonto distract, so it has to distract. Tenonto also stuns with 2 moves, so i think that a stun move fits very well. The rexy parts remain the dsr, the high damage and the 20% crit.
The point is that with a stun move there could be the possibility to stun + superiority + rampage that maybe could be too good (even if think that with stunning strike would be ok and not too op).

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Thanks for explaining. From a heredity standpoint it makes sense. From a meta standpoint I worry thatd be too strong.

My opinion.

Not sure what (if anything) it needs :frowning:

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Maybe a swap in ability could fit also well without making it being too op. Dilo gen s2 has swap in distraction and tenonto has swap in stun. It could be a fair compromise.
But maybe it doesnt need anything and we just need to understand how to use it properly. From this point of view Thor is a better dino: it does one thing and it does very well: smash :joy:


@Pocemon can you teach us? I know you use it.

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They could mess with HP/damage to compensate for it

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@wrothgar yeah, I wouldnt want instant charge either, like you said, thats thors thing lol

But at times it feels like shes just not able to use her power :frowning:

@Pocemon just might be the one to give a few tips :eyes:

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