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Tenontorex rework

Decelerating Strike
Nullifying Impact
Defense Shattering Rampage
Distracting Impact

Swap in Stun
Immune to Distractions
Immune to Deceleration

0% Armor
20% Crit

Explanation: Immunity to Distractions comes from Dilophosaurus G2. With this, superiority strike becomes just decelerating strike. Nullifying Impact will help tenonto to not get completely bodied by erlidom and other dodgers. Immunity to Deceleration will make it a real counter to stuff like the twin towers. Hp buffed, this comes from tenontosaurus. Swap in stun also comes from Tenontosaurus. To compensate for immunity to distractions and being able to hit through dodge now, I nerfed the damage.
Let me know what you think of this. I think this moveset would make Tenontorex tyrant again.
If you want to complain about immunity to deceleration, just know that the immune meta has really hurt Tenontorex’s former winning matchups. It used to be a solid counter to Erlikospyx and Smilonemys, but now that these two speedsters are immune to deceleration, Tenontorex can’t really do much against them. Geminititan is also a big issue for Tenontorex currently because a faster tenonto used to be able to kill Gemini before immunity was added to it. I am open to suggestions.

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I would love to see a tyrant tenontorex and this rework could make it tyrant


Me too. Tenontorex has always been “good” but never great. Now I think it’s just decent. This would make it great.

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I would add swap in stun to the current moveset and maybe an immunity to stuns. Then it’s a viable option to swap in to an instance charge.

Eh. I’m not a huge fan of immune to distract on a high damage chomper.

My proposal would be same kit, 150 more health, 112 speed, and immune to slow just to always beat the longnecks.


The thing is this thing would be less of a chomper and more of a versatile anti tank like gemini and ardent are. It can’t pierce armor until turn 2 with this moveset.

Screwdriver nitro Thors, this version of nitro tenrex is the real deal

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This version still loses to gemini. It does 4900 damage in 2 hits and is 110 speed. I do feel that tenonto could use a swap-in

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Right. Boosts tho. Most Tenontos are faster than Geminititan I think

I mean yeah, but when it comes to a skill tournament, it’ll not win still

Tenrex could use a little boost. I feel like Nullify feels a bit out of place.

Swap-in-Stun might be a small boost that would put is up a notch. Immunity to Distraction likewise would shift a few matchups (mostly Procerat, Dio, Tryko). Those two alone would shunt Tenrex up a tier I would imagine.

It needs Immunity to deceleration. And swap in stun definitely.

A slight increase in health /attack would be even more fantastic.

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True but those aren’t too important

I would say they’re a heck of a lot more important than the arena. I gain more bucks with a first place than I would’ve if they never even existed

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Buff the speed to 115 ,remove the immune to distractions. Get the crit up to 30%.

If I have to say-

Make it 30% Crit Chance
Add some more attack,since T Rex Gen 2 and Dilopho G2 are ingredients and have 1800 damage
Increase speed to 118

Remove Immune to Distraction
Remove Nullifying Impact and Put Precise Impact.

I would change Inmmune to distractions for Inmune to Stun, since it has superiority strike it should keep that instead of Decelerating Strike, with that Thor players actually have to think if they really want to use the Instant Charge on a Tenotorex

Nullyfing makes it a Yoshi killer

I am fine with Yoshu Killers I want that but I want it to go through cloak and evasion not remove it. Cloak and Evasion should have been a Indoraptor Indominus exclusive moves I feel.

What about
HP 4800
DMG 1800
Armor 0
Crit 30
Definitive strike
Slowing impact
Defense shattering impact
Distracting impac
Immune to distraction