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Tenontorex updated

Dear ludia,
Please consider adding one or some of these changes to tenontorex.

Speed increases by 1 point to more evenly match the speed of a chomper and hardrosaur
Superiority strike to superior vulnerability
Defense shattering impact to definite impact

Gains immunity to stuns and gains swap in stun


Anything else?

Immune to DoT?
Immune to Decel?
Crit rate 40%??


That would downright break Tenrex, especially giving it superior vulnerability. The only thing I would like to see is have it gain 111 speed and immune to decal that way it would be a solid max and gem counter.


that’s exaggerated, sv and stun immunity/ SIA sounds like a good rework though

definite impact wouldn’t really be a buff for her. it actually would harm her damage output as Definite impact has a delay while defense shattering impact doesnt.


Are y’all completely oblivious to the fact that stun is basically useless among the Uniques now?
Enough with the Stun Immunity already.


But it would more than make up for that with the ability to 2-shot anything faster it can Decelerate, thanks to SV.
If it’s a Dodger, Definite Impact. Otherwise, DSR.

Definitely too much.

Yes I love this!!! Logistically these don’t really make sense but a lot of moves that it has have had better versions since it was released. For example sv is a straight up upgrade from ss. Definite impact is a slight upgrade from dsi. I do think it should have no delay. This thing used to be heralded as a very “versatile” unique but I’ve used it and it’s really not that great. And I definitely agree that it should have swap in stun. It’s basically useless anyways nowadays so what is adding that to it gonna hurt?

in a not so immune dominated metta, this version of tenonto would be very strong. too strong. but currently, this moveset makes her only a bit better against non immune and slightly worse against immune creatures.

The only example I can think of is Maxima, because Distracting Impact doesn’t pierce armour. What else would it be worse against?

Technically speaking, only 9/22 Uniques are either Immune to Stuns or fully Immune. (8 of which are commonly used by the Top 50, the Monolorhino being odd one out) Though I fully agree that Partial Immunities need to stop being distributed left and right.

As for the TenRex buff, @Qaw, a couple others, and Me have suggested a couple of buffs that are fittingly appropriate for this creature, as to not make it too OP. Its in this thread:

Also here:


there actualy aren’t that many fully immune creatures that have armor/ shields now that i actually look (guess it just feels like it with partials around). For those, there would be Gemini still (speed tie with the tenrex’s new speed) and Monolorhino tho it isn’t a guaranteed win for mono.

Plus Tenrex would now be able to beat both Indoraptors, consecutively.
It’d also probably beat Mammolania.

I think that’s huge.

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I would love this thing to have 1800 DMG and immune to dustract but, only having impacts
Like this:
And moves
Long Decelerating strike
Nullifying impact
Distracting impact
Definitive impact
Immune to distract

I think that if Tenrex were to gain any immunity, immune to distraction makes the most sense, seeing as Dilo G2 has it. Yes it can already cleanse with SS, but wouldn’t it be so much better if it could get off undistracted rampages?

Additionally, it might be cool to change DSI to Greater Stunning Impact, or give it swap in stun, since it should have some sort of stunning ability

It could have Immunity to Distraction, same kit, but with the Null. Counter to better counter those who buff themselves/cloak/dodge. If its kit were to be reworked tho:


Long Decel Strike
Greater Stunning Impact
Distract. Impact

Immunity to Distraction
Null. Counter

In this way, it gets the best of both (errr…all) worlds, distraction, nullifying, stunning, bypasses armour and breaks shields.

Included Tyrannolophosaur for some context:

4200 HP
1800 ATK (This is justified due to both ingredients having 1800 attack, so its quite a no-brainer)
110 Speed (Dilo ingredients should atleast let it outspeed other chompers)

Unchanged Kit