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Tenontorex vs thor - who do you prefer and why?


I would like to know what you guys think about both these heavy hitters :slight_smile:
Which on do you prefer to be on your team or would you use both?

This has nothing to do with nerfs :smiley: I am just curious because I see a lot of thor in the arena (high levels as well) and less tenontorex (maybe it has something to do with the components being park exclusive)


both different creatures. one benefits from superiority strike and distract. the other from IC. i currently have both on my team but tenon is 23 and thor 26 since i started thor first.


Thoradolosaurus > Tenontorex for me, simply because of the looks.

While Thoradolosaurus is a green copypaste Allosinosaurus, it still has a pretty nice design.

Tenontorex on the other hand is basically an Iguanodon with ridges on its back and two crest. Don’t get me wrong, it looks really nice as an Iguanodontid, but it’s a hybrid of an Iguanodontid and a frigging hybrid T. Rex. If I didn’t know it was a Tyrannolophosaurus “offspring” I couldn’t guess it.

It should have had the Indoraptor animation rig, being a Theropod x Iguanodontid


nice :smiley: I am also thinking that I should run both (after creating them :smiley: )
a lvl26 thor is surely a beast :O. I went the utarinex way and have her at lvl24 but really tempted to start creating and using thor.


thats the other issue. one has park exclusive ingrediants and the other you may have to share with rinex. im not sure who wins thor vs tenon. same speed. if you win the speed tie with distract maybe tenon wins.

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:smiley: nothing wrong with that, Thoradolosaurus looks so cool (the colours, the design, everything) and hits like a truck. Tenontorex looks a bit less frightening.


Thor makes tenontorex seem so underwhelming. My thor is a 27 and tenonto a 25. I’ve tried a few techniques with tenonto but haven’t had much luck where as thor is simply a beast.


my favorite is thor hands down but i like tenons kit. why so underwhelming? maybe his speed could be a bit quicker?

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Yeah, Tenotorex hits equally hard, but it just looks… Tame. I would have expected a Rex hybrid with giantic teeth and chomping jaws, not an Iguanodon with 80’s leggings. :joy::rofl:


Tenont misses the edge thir has with Crit %

But tenont is definitly better all around with ss and ds. Followed by 20% crit he can smash through most and beats thor hands down same level or higher. I have enough to make tenont 29 but i went rinex route and wish i could make thor but sino is a rare unicorn


I keep saying tenonto just needs one more level, but after I get there I find myself saying well maybe one more.


My reaction when opp Thor comes out: :scream::skull:
My reaction for Tenonto: :hushed:


I don’t have either one but I do like Thors design better.


Thor was easiest decision for me. 3 DS moves and an IC option… with FORTY % crit on top of all that. It’s almost like having RTC as a passive effect.

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never really have trouble with either. a distracted non-critting thor is kinda meh. lots of distracting dinos in the arena, and 40% is no guarantee.

utarinex being a staple though…
but you can have utarinex + tenontorex both at high levels
hard to do with thor and utarinex


Tenonto is my fav even when I have Erlidominus in my team

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I have Lv 28 Thor. If I could return it to Lv 21, I would never level up further. 40% critical hit is really no meaning. When absolutely necessary, never happens.
Now, I am thinking Tenon as my next target.


Well, I say rinex is “meh” :stuck_out_tongue:

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