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Tenontorex vs Tyrannolophosaur


I’ve been working on the unique and comparing the two am wondering if there is enough of a difference at the same level. A couple hundred health points and less than 100 damage. DI .5 less damage and SS vs nullify when nullify imo is more valuable. I might be missing something? Thanks!


I’m waiting for 1.6 before making my decision. I’m at a very slow 110/250 to create TenontoRex and unsure if it’s even worth finishing if tenonto is basically my unicorn as far as rares go. Holding out hope for another event week. Those help a lot with out of local rares.


With ss… you can ensure you go first on turn two with your rampage which would end some fights right there.


I’m too much of a numbers person…


Instant moves play a role too, countering ss?


I love tyrannoloph… and i am unsure myself if i wanna lose the nullify… but his nullify is only great in a few match ups… indo will still win cause his because his nullify is 1x… monomimus will debuff and kill…

He is great against indom though even giving up a few levels.


Huge fan of nullify lol!

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I love my tyranno and don’t plan on going after the unique. At least not right now


Tenontorex is a beast but it needs to be leveled


That’s the issue, it takes so much to create and if all the DNA went into tyranno instead he could be a contender.


Any Dino at the right level and supporting cast could be the one. Watch that person “themaxxx” really tearing it up with a level 30 trex

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He has a 30 posti too I think

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@TheMaxx has a legit beast team no lie


One of the top things that bother me about this game is spending time and money creating new creatures when the originals can be just as good, sometimes even better if the resources aren’t divided.

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I like how many of us have our pets as pics :grin:


My cat is awesome :joy:

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Hoppy Bunny FTW :slight_smile:


Honestly thats something i like and we need more of it… not having a clear cut best choice is nice and adds more diversity to the game. The fact that tyranoloph/tenoto are so close that it becomes a preference to skills set is something we need more of.

For me the deciding factor is the 109 speed.


My current team ranges from L22 to L27 with an L21 Tenontorex - I prefer it to all of my alternatives including L24 Stegoceratops, L22 Magnapyritor, L22 Tuoramoloch, L22 Alankylosaurus, L21 Utarinex, L21 Trago, L21 Monostego, L21 Dracorex G2 … open with SS or DI and follow up with DSR - does a lot of damage. Another level would be nice though.


Its just a shame it looks like its wearing 80s leg warmers … :joy: