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So currently my Tryso is 25 and has a full load to take it 26 already. Plus all my leftover dna will be able to take it to 27.5 However, I have my tenontorex at 25 ready to go to 26 and that’s all. Should I even worry about leveling Tryso at this point? I feel like tenontorex is an upgrade of Tryso, and Tenon can deal with Tryko just as well. Before I dump any boosts I wanted to hear everyone’s opinion on the matter! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Tenontorex is an absolute beauty of a dino. She chomps down hard, gotta have her at higher level than most of your team and speed boosts will help lots (well for now, not sure what will happen in the next little patch lol). Shes probably gonna be my first lvl 30, so im happy, she’s great :star_struck:

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You’re not allowed to lvl up tenontorex to 30, because it will unbalance the game :wink:


You’re right :pensive::man_shrugging::joy:

So you think it’s a waste to power up Trysotonix when I could have a solid tenontorex to use?

@P8ntballar10 some news regarding stat boosts were just announced… honestly I have no idea now, will have to wait and see because the resources will be limited

That’s how I feel now. With these big changes idk where to spend and how to spend best. But either way, Trysotonix is a waste of resources?

@P8ntballar10 I havent used Tryostronix in a while… but maybe with the speed boost the way its gonna be, it could be useful, depends on your team

speed boosting Trys is great because of th immunity but pairing her with a magnapy is also good

@Bluesbaby @P8ntballar10 yeah, with the new patch it will prob be a good idea

Before the introduction of speed boosts, Tryo was off my team, Tenonto was on it. With 1.7 however, I speed boosted Tryo so I could prime RTC, and so the two flipped.

I’m sure a boosted Tenonto holds their own, but immunity is huge when you’re faster

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@Somedinoguy yes, that might be the move now lol