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Tenontosaurus - No Swap In Stun?

So, maybe I am misunderstanding how a swap in stun works. I know in the last strike event I got stunned when the AI used it. I have been playing with some different dinos on my team, one of those being Tenon. In the dozen or so times I have swapped him in he has never stunned the opponent once (and no, they are not immune and yes, I know it’s only a 66% chance).

Is it only supposed to stun on a hit, not on the swap? Is he broken maybe or is this working for others? Kind of defeats the purpose of a Swap move is there is no chance of stun and he is locked.

NEVER MIND - 13th time was the charm I guess - lol. Of course right after I post one hits!


Well, before this post/thread is forgotten: