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Tenontosaurus week?


Or dilophosaurus II is still roaming around? But it said finding tenontosaurus…


Should be Tenontosaurus but they have messed up again…this is getting a bit of a habit!!!


Came here to say the same thing. Also, if it really is Tento week, why does it not reset at 10am EST on monday morning like everything else does? Same thing last week where Dilos didnt start showing up until well after 10am


nothing on twitter page so far saying that tenonto is out :S

still seeing dilo gen2

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Tbh just from what I have seen in the past. It usually restarts on Tuesday at 10 am. I dk why ludia always releases this for Monday

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Yeah no tenont and ive wasted 3 rare scents in parks and noticed they barely spawned!


:S I am not brave enough to risk using rare scents until I see it on their twitter page that tenonto is in the house :smiley:

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They switched a few hours late lastly week. They may have the same problem. Dilopho is, currently…

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They will start showing up in about 3h same as every other week
Don’t know what time for u lot its 8pm here in the u.k


Dilo appeares at 3pm uk time when special creatures started. It should have this week.

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Nope you are wrong


Been waiting for it 2 weeks and I only see Dilo


They should of started to show up 3pm Uk time…

Again Ludia have failed…

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Wrong it’s 3pm


Im not because come 3pm this time last i darted 5k dilo gen2 around my house well before 8pm. If you look at the news screen, the timer is 6 days 22 hours because it has started a new round and ludia have messed up as dilog2 are here for the week apparently

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well every other event started here at 4 pm (Hungary :D) dilo event also. This is why I have no clue anymore

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Hungary is 1 hour ahead of uk. So that is right.
It would be 10am eastern times and 7am western etc


:slight_smile: all we can do now is wait and refresh JWA twitter page like crazy :smiley:


Well you will all see and eat your words at 8pm uk time
Brabbink out


Well lets hope it gets sorted today either way but sll events have started 3pm uk time