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Tenotorex mini buff

Make Tenotorex inmune to stun, just that It would make up for the lack of a SIA


I think immune to deccel would be better, in addition to an extra speed point. That would allow it to hard counter Maxima and put a dent in Gemini a good majority of the time.


could be, still I think inmune to stun is a little more fitting

Tenoto is meant to brawl it out with Thor. It does a pretty good job at it as is. Maybe Swap in Stun instead?


Mine is lvl24. She is benched and not taking her higher. She just doesn’t stand up against the overboosted Thors and Maxima’s in the arena. Too bad, spent a lot of time to make her and get her to that level. Definitely needs some inherited immunity. Though an instant would be good. Not sure why she lost the stuns that her parent Teno had - makes no sense to me.

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Swap in stun makes the most sense. Tenontosaurus has it, so it wouldn’t come out of nowhere. Plus superiority strike isn’t really Tenonto’s signature move.


I like immune to deceleration. To go against the maxima dinos. It’s been needing some kind of real buff. Right now she stands strong in this meta imo. But doesn’t really stand all the way out. Top 3 favorite dino in the game. Though I kind of like immune to stun also because of Thors instant stun. I think it just needs a type of immunity no change to anything else imo.

Give tenontorex some love @Ludia_Developers


I like this option better.

It should at least have a greater stunning strike as well.

Love her too, but she needs just a bit more to be relevant again IMO.

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It’s so much harder to create and level tenontorex in comparison to Thor for example. And now even the rex gen 2 dna is shared with perhaps one of the best dinos this game has seen in indo g2.

I really think Tenrex deserves a boost in its capabilities because of things like that.

They cannot get rid of that move, this move is one of the main reasons it is even relevant. Tryko/Dio can’t distract it. It slows indos… You want to change any move its defense shattering impact. Because with tenrex you will go ss or distract first move then dsr. Dsi hardly actually gets used except in a perfect situation or against bots.

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Tenotorex needs to be immune stun or decel.


I don’t understand why Immunity (of some sort) for Tento but nobody saying it for Thor? They both are almost same stats and functionality wise and there is NO SIA on Thor too.

Thor has a massive crit and an instant move on top of being heavily populated. We’re looking for changes not the same old things.


10% more critical chance is massive?

Edit, I thought Tento have 30% Critical chance. Its 20% … my mistake. Though to me enemy Tento does more critical than 20% chance.

This has me thinking how I would love for Para to have swap in shield.

Tenonto needs either immune to deceleration or little more hp. Tryko has 30% armor and have more hp than Tenonto. Same lvl Maxima wins 100% of time against Tenonto.

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Superiority strike is everything for Tenonto I agree . Don’t touch that move .:pray:

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I love the idea of giving it immune to decel to smack ardentis around.

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