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Tenotorex mini buff

I didn’t say remove it. I said they should add swap in stun.

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I never said remove it, just add swap in stun as ability.

Usually enemies tend to crits easier since most if not all time they are higher lv and for some gods forsaken reason Ludia implemented that as a hidden mechanic, also yeah Thor really shouldnt even be mentioned it need a nerf same as Procerat and the original Rat but since we are obviously never gettimg those we are asking fro buffs for other dinos instead
EDIT Crit chance is not the only thing afgected by level, also goes for Dodging and Stunning, if you are lower level than your oponent you can bet that 7 times out of 10 it will work in your oponents favor


I didn’t notice you mentioned the 1+ speed point. But I have to say immune to deceleration and 1 speed point should really bump her in a good balanced way.

Immune to deceleration opens it up to compete against Maxima/Gemini. And the +1 speed point makes it faster than Thor but not faster than it’s own usual counters.

I agree with these points.

I also agree with this.