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TenRex Builds for Raid and PvP

Courtesy of my alliance I was able to unlock TenRex from the alliance championship. I do not know how to boost my TenRex for good performance in both raids and PvP. These are the following spreads I was thinking of.

Spread 1

Spread 2

Spread 3

Spread 4

  • Spread 1
  • Spread 2
  • Spread 3
  • Spread 4
  • Another Spread (please post below if you suggest another spread)

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Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

At level 30 anything between 20/10/0 and 15/15/0 is good. At level 21-24, if you want to be able to do apex raids you probably need something like 8/16/0.

I agree that is almost exactly what I have at 23 lol

Is this spread still good for PvP? I want my TenRex to work not only in raids but PvP as well.

I have mine at 10-13-3 at level 26 and it works for mortem and gorgotrebax. With these boosts it is easily one of by top 2 pvp dinos.

Mine is 15/15/0 and works fine. If anything I would make it more beefy, probably around 18/12/0 when there is another boost shuffle.

Spread 1 is exactly what I use for my Tenrex. It’s a good balance between raid usage and viability in PvP. When I had my Tenrex at 12/18/0, it’s damage was a bit too much for some apex raids, and I was ending rounds sooner than planned.

Mine is 12/18/0 = 7110/3348/109, worked great for both Raids and Pvp.