'Teoria del Caos' Recruiting/Reclutando

45 players formerly part of ‘Tyrant Spain’ have refunded the alliance as ‘Teoria del Caos’. Currently we have 4 spots available.
This is a highly motivated team of Spanish speaking players. In the previous championship we reached the top20 on the leaderboard (reward lvl9). Weekly we make it to 10/10 and many of our players usually make it to the top250 (or even top100!) in the tournaments. Also, we are part of the ARK team, so we have 3 lvl20 Sancts available every day :slight_smile:

The main requirements to join us are:

  • Speaking Spanish
  • Being motivated and competitive
  • Being generous with the DNA donations (we already are!)
  • Being active in the weekend tournaments
  • Joining our discord channels

If you’d like to enjoy the game with us, please contact me back by DM, comment this post or contact me on discord (rdebar/0#1625).

We are waiting for you!

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