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Terms of service questions



If my 5 year old son wants to play this game on his tablet and i am already playing on my phone does that break the terms of service agreement? He is too young for his own account but likes to do friendly battles. I haven’t downloaded it for him yet because i want to make sure i stay within the terms of service.

If i am not very good at darting but my friend is can i pay him to dart for me or does that break the terms of service?

Can anyone with a good handle on the terms of service answer these questions for me?



I am not an expert on the ToS, but I am aware of many families, including kids, playing the game together and know a lot of people who let their significant others do the darting, because they really suck at it… So, I believe you are safe!


You can Play this game on different mobiles with the same Account, but mit at the same Time.