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TerraAustralis is recruiting

TerraAustralis is recruiting! We’ve cleaned house and are seeking players who want the most out of their gaming.

We have been reaching 9/10 on alliance missions and would like to be there again. So if you love loads of that sweet, sweet, DNA as much as we do join us to hunt them down together!

What we need from you:

  • Daily goals (dart like it’s going out of style)
  • Daily battle incubators (work hard, battle hard)
  • 10 takedowns in tourneys (battle harder)
  • Follow sanctuary rules (or you break our huge dino heart)

Discord is mandatory, it’s efficient for communication and we want to get to know you!

What will we do together?

  • At least 9/10 alliance goals, but we want 10/10 (swing it out of the park)
  • At least t8 in tourneys, but we want t9 (because we ain’t greedy)
  • Defeat Mortem Rex (help us stop waking in a cold sweat)

We can do this with the right members with the right attitude!

Please respect the sanctuary rules. We have access to three level 20 sanctuaries and a spare sanctuary for creatures that don’t make it into the three others.

Anything you feel you need you can always communicate it to the admin team.

Donations are not mandatory, but in the sense of team spirit we all donate when we can.

If this is you, send a discord request to gabsiela#1803 and join us in the hunt!!