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TerraAustralis needs people!

We currently only have 9 members, if which about 5 are active. So we’re rarely making it past the first tier. Never on defense actually.

Would love to have some active member join us to give us a boost :blush:


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Hang in there, the members will come in time. The early days are the hardest because players go straight for the alliance with heaps of members for easier missions and filling DNA requests, but as more members do join they will snowball…they will see more members in it and join, then others will see that and join also.

I remember when my alliance got like 2 new members in a week, then when we hit about 15-20 members we got about 18 in 2 days lol.

Woke up this morning with 12 new join requests, so don’t worry there are players out there needing an alliance!

Anyway good luck, may the new members flock to you!

Btw fellow Aussie here :hugs:

Thank you. :blush:

Had the Alliance for awhile though, so it’s just taking ages to get them coming. No one ever responds to DNA requests either :roll_eyes:

Check out my recruitment thread. Just search Great Southern Land and look how I laid out the main post and the replies i made.
I kept a post showing how many members are in, and how many slots were left open. Each day I would post about a new member joining and so forth, helps to get that daily bump!

Edit: Also don’t be afraid to kick someone that you know for a fact is inactive, only 50 member slots and each is precious!

I’ll check it out, thanks!

I was thinking of booting but I was going to wait until I had more people joining.