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TerraRising - New Alliance - Recruiting

I am the leader of TerraRising, RageBringer. I play everyday, hours a day. We are looking for active players that will communicate and complete their dailies. Communication is a must, no lurkers. In our first and second week I pushed us to 3-2 with the help of only a few members. In our third week we got 4-3.

About me: Ex Navy Corpsmen / Degree in IT (software engineering)

I am also developing an external site specifically for this alliance…not discord, it will be its own site without a third party social network requirement. That is still a ways out though. We do have a discord, but we are not really using it much.

My goal is a fair alliance where it is not a few propping up the many as most alliance I have seen are.

If you play most days, regardless of lv or trophy count, and you have no problem saying hello or chatting, send me a join request @ TerraRising.

Still recruiting.

Still recruiting

Still recruiting

Still recruiting today. As long as you are going to play most of the time. You get accepted.

I added a discord server also for now until I am done building our website. Discord is optional and not a requirement.

This is our second week, we have 20 members right now, and are probably going to get 4-3 this week, up from 3-2 last week with 6 members.

Still looking for new active players. I just removed a bunch of non active players.

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Not sure how many active you have but we have room for up to 10. Get 5/4 normally unless we get dreaded rare DNA mission. Looking for a group to help us maintain 5/4. We have discord to try and help with sanctuaries, donations, or just to talk about anything alliance related or not

Thanks for the offer, but I decline.

I have been in MANY alliances and there always seems to be one person of a few “in charge” that has no tact and is rude or belittling. I find many leaders are not really up for keeping track of the members and allow to many leaches to remain for too long.

I am supportive and fair with my members. I remove those who are not playing or are leaching on the rest of us while encouraging those that are playing. I help my members with their teams if they want the help. I ask my alliance if and when a decision needs to be made how they feel about it to ensure we are all on the same page.

While your alliance may be a great one (you seem nice enough), statistically, I feel I am better of running my own.

That’s fine and I understand. We try to balance the not a job and the 5/4 requirements best we can. We actually use a council of many to help track and monitor and do a majority vote system. Best of luck to you

Hi, I just put in a request to join your alliance. My JWA nick is Sky.

I did not see a request from you, but I was asleep :slight_smile: . I hope you have found a good alliance .