Terrible Mismatch ...... in Theory

So I’m at 5,140 and was just matched up with the #7 ranked team who was over 5,900. I won 3-0 with using just Stegodeus.

That’s why the truly best teams are sharing the top of the Leaderboard with these weak ones. They are getting matched up with teams 760 trophies lower


Must be embarrassing for the one with 5900 trophies. That right there shows how unbalanced this game’s arena is at this point

Interested to know what dinos was fielded against your stegodeus in that match?

Opponent started it’s level 26 Erlidominus, so I had advantage right away. I used Shield which hit to his Cloak. At that point they do one of 2 things. Some stick with Rampage but will still die on turn 2 or turn 3 at latest. Often they change creatures which I anticipate so I use Thagomizer. He switched to Level 25 Suchotator and realized I was now faster and he couldn’t use Lethal Wound. So he switched again to level 24 Tryko which was hit hard by Rampage. Then I used Superiority to bypass ID and then Tryko died on next move. Don’t remember how I killed Suchotator and Erlidominus to finish.

I should add my Stegodeus has 9,058 Health (nice with 30% shield) and 1,912 damage. Would be higher if I paid for Boosts.

Thanks for the breakdown! It’s really a beast you got there, I suppose your Stegod is already max level?