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Terrible rune packages in Rise of Berk

Since around the release of the last legendary dragon (Crimson Gorecutter), the special rune packages available in the store have completely sucked. It used to be I would see somewhat regular packages in the 100k+ range for $30-40 every few weeks. Now the best I am seeing is 20k for $20.

I’m not sure if these packages are tied to specific individuals through some algorithm, or if they are the same for everyone, but know this Ludia: I’ll not be purchasing any more and will drop my yearly subscription when it runs out if this keeps up. You’re doing yourself more harm than good. I’m sure I can be the only one that feels this way.

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I have noticed the same issue. I refuse to pay the amounts that are being asked for such small returns. I am not interested in getting a lower amount of runes just because it comes with a dragon. I have enough dragons already.

Same here, but for me it only seems to have started in the last couple weeks. It used to be that I’d get $1.99 offers for some dragon I don’t have plus 2k-5k runes. Sometimes, I would buy those, then wait for the inevitable round of $50 offers (read: no way in <redacted>) until I got another similar offer. Now? What a joke. I might buy a premium dragon for $2 - $5, but even at $1, I’m not going to bother with the joke dragons being offered without a large pile of runes to go with. The only reason to obtain those dragons is 100% completion, and I’m not that motivated to get there.

I have to agree. Lately the price of special packages is just out of control. It’s a good recipe for making sure I don’t spend money on the game. Which is kind of sad because I like the game enough that I’ve sometimes bought a special offer just to send some appreciation to the developers.

I have to acknowledge that prices seem more reasonable once again. Thank you listening.

It used to be that the number of runes offered alongside the dragon increased until it was 10,000+ runes for about £1. Then it started low again. I made several purchases this way to support the developers. Now the number of runes remains at 1,500 which gives me no incentive to part with real money. Sorry developers!!!