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Terrible, terrible matchmaking in lower-ranked matchmaking

So today my 1700 trophy, level 11-13 epic team faced off a level 21 Unique (the moose/deer hybrid i cannot remember). That’s right. A literal unique that’s almost twice the level of my dinosaurs. Y’all have been complaining about higher-ranked matchmaking like severely boosted animals, but these flaws in lower-ranked matchmaking this just ruins the fun for new players like me. Please fix the matchmaking system (perhaps based on the average levels of dinosaurs in the team?). I’ll look forward for responses.


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A little bit of clarification, My team contains 5 level 11s, 1 level 12, 1 level 13 and 1 level 14.

Buy wouldn’t the arena break because the opponent had a unique in a high epic - low legendary arena.
I agree pretty bad matchmaking

What was their trophy count?

What were the other dinos on their team, looks like you are up 2-1 when the unique was brought in?

The superhybrid you are referring to is Testacornibus


That is unfortunate. Back when I was about your level a similar event occurred and I got thrashed by a max erlidominus


That guy has 1703 trophies.

Checking it’s profile, it had 3 epics (postimetrodon, trex etc) 3 legendaries (irex, ankytrosaurus etc) and 2 uniques (diloracheirus and the deer). Everything in his/her team was above level 15.

If I recall correctly, yep, and the deer absolutely destroyed my other 3 dinos. Feels bad

When I run into a matchmaking situation similar to this, since all the high levels don’t want a submission button. I press the good luck button and then I force close the app… So that the people that don’t want the game to be able to be sped up get exactly what they want. They sit there and wait till every countdown timer counts all the way down to zero for every action.

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Sir thats just evil. I like it.


That’s sad but trex can destroy him

His Rex was at extremely low health. So no.

Not with that level difference. Heck, that testa would’ve set up on procerath, so even if they were equally matched rex would still lose

I have the same issue… I have lvl 20s, 18s and 17s and got matched with lvl 30sScreenshot_20210508-014429