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Terrible update…

This is absolutely ridiculous, im seconds away from quiting this game, the only thing keeping me from doing so is friends, the new update with these nerfs and buffs is absolute garbage. I was doing some pvp in nublar shores and the amount of times my mortem was stunned by a cera was beyond believable, my mortem was useless in every single pvp battle I did, as cera or rhino would swap in and stun him… Hadros cannot slow anything anymore, which I felt was what made this apex unique, as it was very dangerous against non speed immune creatures, now it’s been changed to vulnerability, this can be good in certain situations but I feel the slowing was much more useful and versatile, that’s what I have to say about this update, but in short terms, the swapping meta needs to be dealt with, and or mortem needs to be buffed again back to normal with the stun immunity, if anyone else has some thoughts let me know, I would love to hear them.
And sorry for some spelling mistakes or cutting this short, I don’t really want to make this any longer lol.


Man I know everyone likes it but share opinions XD

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