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"Terrify" or "Fear" Move

Terrify or Fear would cause your opponent to swap to their next creature. This would have a 2 or 3 turn cool down.

This move could come with several options.

  1. Instant - Causes your opponent creature to swap to the next creature.
  2. Instant with damage - Does damage and causes your opponent creature to swap to the next creature if not taken down.
  3. Instant with power-up - Gives a 50% power-up and causes your opponent creature to swap to the next creature.
  4. Instant with delayed attack after swap - Causes your opponent creature to swap to the next creature and attacks upon swap-in.
  5. Instant with shield - Throws up a 100% damage shield and causes your opponent creature to swap to the next creature.

This could have benefits but this would also risk having a creature such as Dracoceratops swap in and doing yours damage or slowing.
The benefit would be to get ride of an OP creature for something easier to take out. This would also help scare off a creature that may be ready to do extreme harm such as a cloaking Indominus or Erlidominus.


This is a really cool idea! I could see them giving it to some fierce creatures in some form or another. And there could be corresponding resistances/immunity to fear, in which the dino won’t swap. Two things though: how does this interact with swap prevention? And given that swap-in abilities are a thing, there are times where you might not want the fear effect to happen. I can’t really think of any other ability that harms the user, at least not as frequently as this would be. So maybe the swap wouldn’t count as a swap in or escape, so then swap in and on escape abilities wouldn’t trigger.

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I don’t think they would want to give this move to a creature with on escape abilities.


but that would be bad…for you cause swapping is good for the person swapping

i would think terrify would apply dot nullify and distract

No I wouldn’t either

This is a good point. Usually when you keep your dinosaur in it’s because you have a good matchup. Swapping itself usually isnt a great option because you’re guaranteed to take at least one hit from your opponent before you can respond, but the way fear works gives your opponent a free swap, removing this disadvantage. So fear is only useful if you find yourself in a bad situation. But even then, you can’t guarantee you’ll end up in a better one afterwards.

yes but why not give yourself a free swap instead

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im thinking “Flee” or something
Fleeing Strike/Impact/Rampage/Distraction/Heal

or nullifying flee(opponent)/ Acellerating(self)/ Decelerating(opponent)/pinning(opponent)

note: when i say self or opponent i dont mean who swaps i mean who gets accelerated/decelerated/nullified/pinned

I think thats kind of the idea with swap in stun, Invincibility, dodge, etc. Cause it would be weird to just prevent your opponent from attacking without using one of these abilities. And if you take the damage yourself before the free swap, that’s just “___ and run”.

Really cool to see someone else suggest a “fear” move because I had my own ideas for “fear” in an update idea post I made a while back [Update Idea] Tyrannosaur Update | Jurassic World Alive

*Made the post quite a while back, so some of the ideas (ie. immunities) didn’t age well and some of the stats, moves definitely have to be tweaked

Fear: 50% chance that opponent’s next action (manual swap, counter-attack, ability, on-escape ability) will not proceed. If opponent creature executes two actions in one turn, fear chance is calculated separately for the two actions (ie. fear inflicted, opponent’s ability does not proceed, but opponent’s counter-attack still has possibility to occur).

ok no regular flee or flee strike/impact/rampage but the others arent there yet and bypass opp. swap no escape and other stuff like that

ok but i think i can come up with:

Yeah it would be nice to get more variants of “and run” moves besides standard damage (stun and run, decelerate and run, distract and run, etc.). As for bypassing lockdown, I would just leave that to swap prevention resistance.

no not immunity to lockdown i mean complete bypass of swap-out abilities

It’s a very good idea, however you need to address the fact that every time you use it you gain a free turn.
You can, for example, have the next creature that is swapped out use their basic attack, so you can be more careful about using it with cunning and resilient creatures around.

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Ah ok, what exactly did you mean?

Or make it so they have a chance of being to scared to move like in fossil fighters

It’s been suggested quite a few times now, and I still agree with the idea.

so no on-escape abilities on flees

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