Terror Bird Hybrid Battle Royale (JWA Battles #20)

Welcome to an ACTUALLY on time episode of JWA Battles! Who knew that would happen one day? Anyway, last time, Purrolyth and Purrutaurus got into a rumble that ended up with Purru’s arms cut off. Wow. Stupid sickle claw on a tyrannosaur hybrid.

Anyway, this is another battle royale, featuring Velosrhacos, the epic cautious striker, Grylenken, the crocoduck, Phorusaura, the legendary instant rampager, and Entelorhacos, our second JWTG fighter and weird looking bird! Who will come out on top? Let’s find out.

Who are you rooting for? (Who do you want to win)

  • Velosrhacos
  • Phorusaura
  • Grylenken
  • Entelorhacos

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Height: 6 Ft
Length: 8 Ft
Weight: 1,000 Pounds
Bite Force: 800 Pounds
Speed: 38 MPH
Weapons: Semi-sickle claw, beak, normal claws
Advantages: Fastest and smartest
Disadvantages: Weakest and smallest
Velosrhacos is the definition of fast and furious. Being a hybrid of Delta, a velociraptor, and phorushacos, it makes one of the most deadly predators on Nublar. One of the strongest of its size, it generally loves to pick fights which often results in its danger. However, it is also intelligent enough to outsmart single opponents making it a fantastic fighter. However, its bite force is very weak and it is overreliant on its semi-sickle claw and claws. Overall, a strong predator that has many strengths, but it is small and too overreliant on its claws.


Height: 12 Ft
Length: 15 Ft
Weight: 2 Tons
Bite Force: 3 Tons
Speed: 20 MPH
Weapons: Teeth and swimming ability
Advantages: Most armor and strongest
Disadvantages: Slowest, least fighting experience
Dinosaurs’ closest relatives today are birds and crocodiles, so why not fuse both to make a dinosaur? Well, it’s still not one. Fused from kelenken and gryposuchus, Grylenken is decently fast and an excellent swimmer, and has a lot of physical strength going for it. However, it does have its limits like any hybrid and can be stopped if outsmarted or overpowered. Overall, a strong predator that can be outsmarted and overpowered, but maintains its strength and swimming ability.

Height: 10 Ft
Length: 13 Ft
Weight: 1.5 Tons
Bite Force: 1,250 Pounds
Speed: 28 MPH
Weapons: Claws and beak
Advantages: Second fastest, second largest
Disadvantages: Least intelligent, second least bite force
What used to be the most hated legendary in JWA involves the nurturing Maiasaura (or Maiasaurus in English) and vicious Phorushacos, making it a weird hybrid. Its vicious nature usually overcomes its more calm nature, which practically isn’t there to begin with. However, that same nature makes it less agressive and less intelligent compared to other carnivores. Overall, a powerful hybrid only held back by its hadrosaur nature making it a worse fighter compared to other carnivores.

Height: 9 Ft
Length:11 Ft
Weight: 1,750 Pounds
Bite Force: 1 Ton
Speed: 25 MPH
Weapons: Claws, nose at a point, beak
Advantages: Most vicious, second strongest bite
Disadvantages: Second slowest, second least intelligent
A terror bird a entelodont hybridizing… oh boy. With Phorushacos and Entelodon being involved in its fusion, there’s no question about how aggressive this thing is. It can brutally murder its prey, and is definitely powerful. It is fast in its own right and is able to take on most foes, however it does have its limits. It’s not too smart and can be outsmarted by its foes. Overall, a powerful predator that only has the true weakness of being outsmarted.

The scene opens on a dense forest. Suddenly, Phorusaura can be see running, with Velosrhacos giving chase. Pho, still running at a high speed, looks back only to find Velo kicking him in the face, knocking both off a cliff.

Entelorhacos can now be seen munching on a defeated Megalogaia, Only for a Grylenken to emerge from the nearby lake, causing Entelo to react. Both charge at each other, but hear a whistling sound and jump back as the other birds fall on the corpse. Velo hops off Pho and roars at him. Pho looks at Grylen, who seems to be very ticked. Entelo, just being ready to rumble, jumped at Grylen which caused the rest of the birds to jump into a fighting cloud.

Pho bites Grylen, which Velo chomping on Entelo. Grylen pushes the other 3 birds out of the cloud and rushes towards Velo and kicks him into a tree. Pho takes this as an opportunity to hit Velo with the force of a thousand suns, but Velo easily dodges and kicks Pho into Entelo, who was about to chomp on Grylen. Grylen grabs Pho and drags him across the ground and slams him into a boulder that breaks into pieces on impact.

Entelo attempts to step on Velo, but Velo dodges and latches onto Entelo, who shakes him off and prepares to end it, but gets knocked over by Pho, with the weight of both crushing Velo, killing him. Pho tries to bite Entelo, but Entelo knocks him into Grylen, who falls into the lake. Entelo and Pho trade blows and just when Pho seemed that he was going to finish Entelo, Grylen popped out of nowhere and took Pho out, despite aiming for Entelo.

Entelo knocks Grylen into the lake again, but Grylen pulls him under with him. Grylen attempts to stay long enough for Entelo to drown, but he just wouldn’t for some reason. Entelo knocks out Grylen and combos him underwater, and knocks him to the bottom of the lake. Grylen, now actually ticked, rams into Entelo and crushes him against the boulders in the sea. Entelo still not budging for some reason, Grylen uses his claws to scratch Entelo’s face, causing minor bleed. But Grylen doesn’t stop there and uses his claw to rip off one of Entelo’s feet. Entelo bites off a wing from Grylen, causing minor blood loss.

Grylen, now actually furious, bites off Entelo’s last foot and drags him to the surface. He splashes out with the Pig Bird, and knocks him onto land, and drags him by the neck across the solid stone ground. Finally, Grylen seals the deal by knocking him into a tree, and rushing towards it in JWTG terror bird special animation style to kick off Entelo’s head. Grylen, puffing at this point, passed out from earlier blood loss.

Well, I think I earned myself the trophy for my longest battle ever. I better not get flagged… Anyway, let’s go over the 4 birds’ positions in this fight. Velo, while the fastest and smartest of the bunch, was still the smallest and could be taken out by the other 3 birds’ brute force. While Velo 100% had the ability to pull off a few victories thanks to his speed and intelligence, his strength doesn’t match the other 3 at all. Next up is Pho, and this one was honestly a toss-up between Entelo, but Entelo had something Pho didn’t, pure aggression. Pho, thanks to its herbivorous parent, wasn’t as deadly as something that utilized two dangerous predators in its hybridization. While both were equal, the battle between the two ultimately came down to experience and aggression, both categories of which Entelo took. However, when Grylen fought Entelo, why’d he win? Well his armor and natural size and strength helped in this situation. He had the tools he needed to ensure of victory, and could only really lose if he was ganged up on early on in the fight. To conclude, this battle was far from one sided the way you may think. However, Grylenken was far too durable and powerful for his Phourshacos relatives to handle, making the winner of this battle Grylenken!


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What should be the next battle?

  • Skoonasaurus VS Ardentismaxima
  • Suchotator VS Spinotahraptor
  • Entelolania VS Carbotoceratops

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I knew good old grylenken would win.


Alright! We’re going Skoonasaurus VS Ardentismaxima.

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i want skoona to win lol. Its so cute and weird looking!!! :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

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