Terror Bird Hybrid Battle Royale Sneek Peek (JWA Battles Sneek Peeks) (Minor Spoiler)

The scene opens on a dense forest. Suddenly, Phorusaura can be see running, with Velosrhacos giving chase. Pho, still running at a high speed, looks back only to find Velo kicking him in the face, knocking both off a cliff. Entelorhacos can now be seen munching on a defeated Megalogaia, Only for a Grylenken to emerge from the nearby lake, causing Entelo to react. Both charge at each other, but hear a whistling sound and jump back as the other birds fall on the corpse. Velo hops off Pho and roars at him. Pho looks at Grylen, who seems to be very ticked. Entelo, just being ready to rumble, jumped at Grylen which caused the rest of the birds to jump into a fighting cloud.

Terror Bird Hybrid Battle Royale

Coming 11/11/2020

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Grylen got it its tuff and strong and amrend