Terror scent question

What happens to any purchases after the event? Will we have them forever or do they disappear? Also after the event will they still spawn event dinosaurs?

Thanks for your question! Rest assured that any Terror Scents that you do not use up during this event will remain in your inventory for later use. They will also function in the same way. I hope this clears things up!

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@John Hi. Few clariification please…How come when I have 2 rare scent already and got a new rare one on strike events for scent capsule that time. Never been added? I know its 2/2 only but how come didn’t add? I used it to see if it was added, but came out to 1/2… supposed to be 2/2 still even I used the one I got… :thinking:

Yup that is exactly what I was asking! Thanx for the reply

Short answer is because you had no more space in your backpack to hold another since you were already at the cap of 2/2 you were able to hold. You technically received that one, but “dropped” it since you were full already. You can purchase ones from the store to make you go over your cap, but you can’t find anymore and keep them once you’re at your cap.