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TerrorSquad in search of new members. 06-29-20

Our alliance is going through a purge of inactive and nonparticipating members. If you’re an active player that tries to do as much as possible to help others, we are looking for you.

looking for members that are active daily that will hunt, spin stops, donate to others and battle in tournaments to help the whole alliance achieve.
We’ve reached 9/8 rewards before and are looking to continue to improve that for everyone.

Minimun trophy count of 2000.
Discord preferred but are willing to communicate with in game chat.

We have 20 spaces open.

As of today (7-6-2020) we have 18 spaces open, have reached 7/7 alliance goals with 32 members, and reached tier 5 rewards in the alliance championship.

Hello can u give me ur name in discord I want to dm u thank u !

we have 11 spots left. This past week we reached 8/7 alliance missions.