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TerrorSquad Looking For New Members (12/15/19)

We are a casual yet active alliance. We strive to achieve high rewards for all, and help each other reach new heights. We do not require a discord. We ask that all members do what they can to help everyone. PvP is requested of all so we all can reach higher alliance rewards. We take a variety of trophy ranges starting at 2500.

Our leader just recently did a massive clean up of inactive members before the alliance mission changed to the new system,

We have 6 open spots remaining. We reached 7/7 this week, which may become an 8/7.

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Damn that is quite a purging. Lol

Similar story with our Alliance, IMChaosTheory. Unfortunately it doesn’t stand to last very long. Even after a purge, we’ve been in desperate need of active members for a while. We only really had around 5 or 6 regular players, but after our leader bailed on us recently everything’s going downhill fast.

Currently our alliance mission progress is all blue, if you know what I mean. We can barely get to 2/1.
It’s probably best to leave at this point, but I’m going to be really busy in the upcoming month, so I’d kinda feel guilty joining a new alliance now.

Probably going to go alliance-hunting after that. Thankfully, the forums make that a lot easier.

That’s sad to hear. I wish you and your alliance mates luck in the future.

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