TerrorSquad recruiting

Hello, TerrorSquad is seeking for new members who would like to join us. We have 19 open spots, and We would prefer new members who are above 2500 trophies and are active in battles and exploration. We are an active alliance with English based language reaching rank 5-6 in alliance missions and reaching tier 4-5 in tournaments, we would like to increase these numbers with you.

the rules
  • Be active, being inactive for like a week or more would result in you being kicked out. if you are going away or can’t play for a time period just notify us so that you don’t have to worry about getting kicked

  • Be friendly to others and help each other out with knowing information and improving each other’s team if needed help.

  • Tournament rules:-

  1. Complete all 10 takedowns, but if you don’t have the time to do the takedowns or you don’t want to do them because of the tournament’s restrictions you can just participate in it (by just clicking the battle button once, you won’t even do a single battle, it gives small amount of points for example if you’re in aviary then you’ll receive 640 points).

  2. Low Points would get you kicked, depending on how many tournaments we got for each month, for example if we have 4 tournaments for this specific month then 3500 points would be enough to let you stay with us. But don’t stress a lot on this rule, if you were near getting the required amount of points like 2900ish we would still let you get a pass since we don’t really want to be hard on our members (if you informed that you’re going to be inactive then the required points would be reduced for you)