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Test Day

Today is what I like to refer to as a “Test Day” meaning if you are in the upper levels of the game you might have had the following to test your lineup and skill of battling:

  • Stakeholders Visit: 3 battles typically creatures at your max ferocity
  • Rarity Rumble: 4 battles (only Legendary creatures) typically creatures just below your max ferocity
  • Gen 2 Fury: 4 battles typically 2 creatures just below your max ferocity and one easy opponent
  • Infinity Battle: 1 battle typically creatures 10-20% above your max ferocity.

After the 12 battles I like to ask my self a few questions to see if I passed my own self imposed test:

  • Did I complete all of the battles in one shot or did I have to wait for cooldowns or push some of the battles to tomorrow (Gen 2 is a two day event)?
  • Did I have any creatures left over? If so did any specific class have more than others?
  • Did I have creatures still on cool down from the previous day that would have been useful to me today?

These questions help me analyze my line up to see where I need to possibly make improvements, for instance…

My Amphibian line up was pushed to the limit, now I do have 2 level 31 Gorgosuchus creatures left but if I used them all today I wouldn’t have any for tomorrow, and I still have some coming off of cool down from yesterday’s events. The extra level 31 I should have would have helped (cough Ludia cough).

My Pterosaurs line up still had a bit of room which you don’t see off to the left are level 40 VIPs that would be available as well as some level 30 Super Hybrids, which some of those I did use. I leaned heavily on these guys today since I didn’t have the depth on my Amphibians.

I barely touched my Herbivores today as the matches seemed to be heavy on the Carnivore side.

Used 11 of my 13 Indoraptors and a few other Carnivores that you don’t see to the right two left over so not to bad.

All in all I passed now had I lost even one match it’s possible I would have had only 1 maybe two extra attempts at a battle based on the creatures I had left to work with.

How did you do on Test Day?


Looks like I didn’t pass :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I could complete Stakeholder’s Visit and 2 rounds of Legendary Rumble. Within the next cooldown, I think I should be good to finish all events rounds (maybe one round or so may remain).

Though yes my lineup is unbalanced, I need a lot more maxed Legendaries and level 20 VIPs to fill in the gaps…

In preparing for an Indoraptor L1, I was wondering what the “worst” day would be. Sounds like 12 Jurassic battles is it?


I need to take this test later today. Seems very nice.

Passed. I have the most amphibians out of every “good” creature in my lineup. Those carnivores were plentiful. Did it in one go, a few of each type of Dino were left. I’ll take this as a win.


I lost one battle in stakeholders visit and two in gen 2 fury. No need to wait for any cooldowns. Here is my lineup after finishing all battles. Not the cenoic one, it was standard.
As you can see my strongest dinos are still available, only my 8 level 40 amphibian VIPs are now in cooldown. I hope this helps your analysis.


Today I did 11 battles I won all
about infinite battle i’m still at level 75 so i don’t need to worry…
I think you need to use lower level creatures more to save your strongest creatures…

Detail I have a level 40 pachygalosaurus and my creatures are most amphibians and carnivores…

This photo is from another day…


I mostly used pteradons and amphibians but I’m not in any stress for tomorrow.


I almost passed, I could have completed the legendary rumble,but left 2 rounds like @Jurassic_Fury ,I would have completed round 3,but did not because I wanted to wait for my lower cooldown legendaries to free up so I could use them with my higher level legendaries because only my best creatures were left after the previous battles. Surprisingly my top 3 remained untouched throughout. Not sure if my explanation is clear.


The worst is when you happen to not complete the previous days events until later in the day and you end up stacking days. For instance if you typically complete events in the morning but say for yesterday you didn’t do the events until the evening, well that would add an additional 3 more tough battles from the Fight for Funds event. Especially if your top creatures are in the 20+ hour cooldown window.


My highest cooldown on a creature is 12 and a half hours,so it isn’t a great deal of trouble.

@Sionsith this was a good test, I passed without using my newly created indoraptor and still have a deep enough bench Of Dino’s to utilize if there were other events to complete. I’m only on lvl 93 so I didn’t have the infinity battle to contend with.

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Yet, you don’t have to contend with it yet. Depending on goals of the game you don’t necessarily have to ever contend with it, but if you intend to make some of the heavy hitters and level them up you will eventually have to contend with multi day cooldowns. Cherish these times with the carefree 12 hour and less cooldown times :wink:.


most of my creatures are from 11 to 24 hours or 2-3 days of cooldown the only exception is the pachysevendaysaurus lol :joy:

For example today I used ostaposaurus,koolasaurus … I’ll use them again on Friday …

Barely passed. Used up all my amphibians. Had lots of leftovers.

I won’t have any trouble at all when I get around to doing these later in the day, knocked off a few rounds early on, but I know my lineups are deep enough.

It is obvious however how much the 12 creature limit on the paddocks can make the upper limits of the game very challenging, when you have to deal with these multi-day CDs, but also a lack of comparable creatures to lean on. Not much room for errors.


That’s why I always use meat shields, 3:1 creatures and glass cannons to avoid using my best guys. Only in very impossible fights that I will be forced to use the bests…

An excellent self-evaluation. Fridays and Saturdays, especially during tournaments also provide excellent metrics for evaluation, particularly for those of us that try not to use our top line creatures in the tournaments. For my own part, more Pterosaurs and Amphibians would be nice. I will definitely have to increase their Ferocity, looking especially at the Amphibians here, before taking the Indoraptor plunge. So, more Metriaphodons and Zalmonodons; more Gorgosuchuses; more VIPs so I can move more up to level 30; more Tapejalocephaluses and Diplosuchuses so those can move to level 20; and bump the Legendary hybrids. I also still have several tournament Legendaries that I want to bring to level 40, just because.

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What’s your top 1 creature?