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Test of Might 3 - improvements (Legendary for 120 gems)!

Hey folks, here is my third update regarding the Test of Might series!

This time they finally got closer to making it right, and its bearable (for most of us at least). The biggest issue is still the matching system, where it eventually forces you to lose against a team of 4x lv20 enemies.

All in all I spent 120 gems, got around 3500 gold, 1150~ commons, ~300 rares, NO EPICS this time…, AND a BIG FAT useful Legendary (though its now 1/5 for me for lv3). It also took about 4 hours.

Here is the rewards (click to see all):

What Im curious about now, besides fixing the matchmaking (I wouldnt have had to spend any gems, I only encountered an actual player 3 times out of around 70 matches, and only lost 1 time to them, I beat every bot except the lv20 ones, and was rarely ever placed against a fair level fight, almost all my matches were against lv17-19 enemies, while most of my team is still 14, yet I still won [good gear strategies]
-curious about is - why 3x Shevarith? Id love to work on Tommus Epics, Ranger Legendaries etc. Will it be the same hero each month - as in each month a different hero, for the entire month? That would be cool if we could vote for who we want Test of Might rewards for each month.

Not bad for a few hours and only 120 gems!



Fix the crappy matching system that eventually pits u versus 4x lv20 bots to make sure u lose. This is like playing a fixed game at a casino.

Make sure all tiers of gear are present, this round was missing epics…

Why add 10 more battles? 50 was enough.

Newer/younger players will benefit from having gold, not gem refresh costs, still sugest 50 gold x renown level, as the equation for refresh.


I still have a number of issues with Test of Might. These include:

  • Cost - The gem cost to complete this event is much to high for most players.

  • Match Making - The match making system is loathsome. It encourages too many players to become ‘whales’ who receive favourable matches while the ‘fish’ get swallowed.

  • Duration v. Rewards - Finding time to fight 100-120 matches is not possible for most players. Its absurd that Ludia has raised the number of victories required for completion from 50 to 60. Most players don’t have 10 hours to dedicate to the game over 3 days. The rewards are far to low for the time spent to complete the challenge. Instead of spending 10 hours to complete the event, i could work 1/2 hour and spend the money on a 2-for-1 legendary pack. I would end-up with 2 legendaries instead of 1 and it would take only take 30 minutes.

  • Repeat Opponents - I continue to fight the same few opponents over and over, many of which are not comparable opponents. Encouraging more players to play this event would help remedy this issue.

  • Poor Party Make-up - Occasionally the randomly generated make of my party lacks synergy, leaving little opportunity for victory. This is extremely frustrating when it repeatedly occurs, resulting in lengthy losing streaks. The formula which generates the parties should be adjusted taking this into account.

  • Event Information - There should be a description of the event and associated rewards available on the events tab. All i can see is symbols for cards, packs and gold on the details page. As there is a cost to play the event, a better description of what these symbols represent should be provided.

I assume it is reasons such as these that have resulted in the recent decline in active players.

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Well done Xx_YESPA_xX. Thanks for the info.

Another very helpful post, thank you! I’d personally really appreciate some counsel about gear combos. Every time I look/think about changing my gear I chicken out as I have no clue where to start. Any advice is appreciated!

How do you know there are less active players? I would have guessed the opposite. I never get to play bots anymore, and usually the players se increases as a game becomes more P2W as it serves to validate the P2Wers ego.

I will agree matchmaking continues to be awful. I mean I know it is in Ludia’s best interest to make it awful so people are spending more, but it legitimately seems worse than that even. I know I faced a forum regular here, and my team was several levels higher than his. It wasn’t fair, and I a, not sure if he dropped or just didn’t play because it was such a lopsided matchup.

Do you guys sandbag before this event? I try to get down to around 200 trophy’s before I attempt these. The last one I won all 50 without a single loss! I lost twice this time only because I ran into two other sandbaggers who were stronger then me. This of course is only a temporary solution as there will be more and more sandbaggers every event. Also this is very unfair to beginners, not only in the event but also in the regular arena.

Many of the top 500 players sandbag for this event. I watched players drop at the onset of the second Test of Might event. Almost half of the players above me dropped - I rapidly rose 200 places on the trophy count leaderboard.

I did not note the drop before the current event, but many players (most have likely completed the event) have begun surging above me again. I have dropped 70 places on the trophy count board over the past few hours.

I cannot fathom how difficult the event must be for the fish to deal with these whales.

In contrast - I dont sandbag, due to so many players sandbagging.

Yes, the non-whale players are complaining ENMASSE. We run a discord for the game (unofficial of course) and facebook chats.

The lower level players have been plagued with people sandbagging and its a SERIOUS issue. I know of five paying players (not whales) that have already quit due to matchmaking, and several free to play who just sneered at this game recently.

There is some bad social designs that absolutely NEED to be met.

The changes to this Test of Might are changes in the right direction, so hopefully they will continue to hear all the issues and make due changes.

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Rather than matchups based on arena and trophy count, it should match people with the same renown. Or perhaps an algorithm between all three, although that might be too complicated. That should fix matchups, and make hopefully everyone have a 50% win rate. Then lower the cost if your going to require 60 wins. It’s far too easy to lose three or more in a row, and that means paying the cost and not moving forward.

It’s not just sandbagging that’s the issue, it’s also things like the wizard’s disintegrate, where you don’t have a prayer of countering it other than keeping her stunned and under disarm. Tough luck when she’s first in turn order though

On bots vs real players… I have been seeing more bots in the event but less in pvp.

I think sandbagging is crappy even though it isn’t against the rules. However, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should

I didn’t catch name but I do think it is funny that one person admitted to sandbagging and it not being fair in the same post.
Believing that something is unfair but still choosing to take advantage of it is almost like saying “well it’s not fair to steal but since everyone is doing it and I know I won’t get caught then I might as well do it as well” which is different than the people who do it without believing it is unfair

Here is my reward, i too got the book. I am wondering if everyone got that one.

As for the pvp system in all, I think I would change it completely…
When a player queue, he gets to fight other people from around his trophy count.
The character levels and gear level would be also random and even! So when entering a battle, everyone would be level 10, Or level 15 and the gear would be ranked accordingly: mostly blues and red if rng send u into a lvl 10 battle. Low level legendary on lv 12, high level gear if your lvl 18.

I know this isn’t perfect because you want to test out your team and having everything randomised doesn’t help that, and plus lots of people hate the randomiser for team composition.

But this would solve the issue with fighting a team that is 2-3-5levels over you. In this mode you could be facing a dude that is 8 level over you (on explore mode) but during your battle he gets to fight with you on a same level playing field.
This also show new player what spells and utilities they could get down the road (imagine a lvl 4 and get randomized with lv 20’s. He had the time of his life seeing all the cool models and experience new spell that he will only be able to see in 3-6month (depend on vip).

I would also like the idea of a high level team such as myself to be thrown into a lv 5 battle.all the gear isn’t available, ranks are super low and tactics are all the jam!

I know this isn’t perfect but I’m just throwing the idea out to make the trophy leaderboard to be a little more tactic based other that massively overpowering your opponent.

Too tired to read through the entire thread so apologies if I’ve missed this but…

…is there any actual benefit from PVP rank?

Aside from a very small increase in gold, there doesn’t seem to be any actual difference in what you get from an Arena 1 chest than you do from an Arena 7 chest. More cards, maybe? Which are generally useless anyway, especially given the vanishingly tiny chances of getting anything that you actually need, or an epic, let alone a legendary.

So what’s the point of PVP rank? There seems to be a perverse incentive to tank your rank (sandbagging, I believe it’s called) and then get easy wins for quicker chests and an easier/cheaper route through the Tests of Might.

That gold is worth a lot.

How much of an increase from an Arena level 1 to 7 is the gold?

I got the armor. That book looks sweet tho!

For some reason it’s showing no event for me now.