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Test of Might 3 - improvements (Legendary for 120 gems)!

It depends on what chest you happen to get.

image image

I got this utter piece of garbage - effort really wasn’t worthwhile in the end.

They should make the reward a random selection of one of the 3 or 4 useful legendaries

So, insignificant and meaningless.

Ouch, I was afraid of getting that one. Rough luck

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Seriously, that trinket is so dumb. At least you didn’t buy it with 2500 gems like I did :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Here is what I got with 2.5 hrs to spare

I object to Terry Goodkind’s adoption of Ayn Rand objectivism. One of the few series I gave up on altogether.

@Turbotarry Yea man, I feel u. I bought a pack once with that in it twice … lol Ive requested that they re address certain pieces for rework, this being one on top. However, it sucks when this actually activates in pvp.

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