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Test of Might | August 30, 2021

Hello Adventurers,
Today’s Test of Might is a little different then others.
It is the first event where your team is not randomly generated, instead it uses your current party.
We will monitor how this goes and may include the change in future events.
Let us know what you think.


Interesting. Played the first one to get the chest and then quit. Might try more today since I won’t have my loser character wasting my efforts.

I played two, very short battles. My 7,8,8,8 team vs:

  1. 14, 14, 14, 14: lasted 4 turns
  2. 16, 15, 15, 14: Opponent went first and almost killed my whole team. I quit the app.

Test of Might? Laughable. Test of Bully’s Might. More accurate. What garbage, as usual with PvP.

It is ignoring my current party and still.choosing randomly from my roster…

Hi Tony,
Some players reported that closing the game and reopening was needed for the Test of Might to use their team.

Test of Might is a waste of time. I keep getting whooped by teams 5+ levels over me. This isn’t even the worst I’ve seen. LUDIA!!! FIX THIS!!! I am a VIP sub but I won’t be much longer if you don’t fix your game.

Agree I’ve played 3x and all 3x faces level 19 and up! My highest character was 17 but the next three are 15 or 16. Clearly not fun and reiterates why people are leaving this game.

I had a similar experience…


Seriously Ludia, at least use the “Power Rating” you implemented for matchmaking purposes instead of just for show.

I’m not saying you’d get any or some players back, but it would at least balance the scales somewhat for matches instead of using the obsolete trophy count system.