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Test of Might feedback

As a general rule, I really enjoy PvP in this game. Up until this point, there were little consciences to losing, so I enjoyed close matches (win or lose). When test of might first came out, I was really enjoying the matches because most were extremely close. However, it became quickly apparent that the gem cost to get the rewards would be fairly steep. I did what many others did and purposely crashed my trophy count inorder to get favorable matchups which wasn’t very fair to my opponents and honestly not much fun for me. The rewards for the event were quite amazing, but I would be very much onboard with reducing them if it meant the refresh costs were also reduced to a point that people didn’t feel the need to game the system.

I wondered about doing that to drop the trophy count. One on my losses was a bot of all level 19’s

The other 2 were connection issues.

What were the actual rewards. I only hit 7 wins so I don’t know what they were.

The first card pack gets you 5000-6000 commons and the second pack gets you 400-500 rares iirc.

The rewards depended on renown too. I got 600 to 700 of the commons. But how you had to do it to finish this event I didn’t like. I had to drop my trophy count by 6 to 7 hundred to be able to do the event. I felt bad the whole thinking of the guys I played against and was 1 shot kills most of the way because they shouldn’t be facing my party. Had to annoy them like it did to me at the start of the event.

I think it might help to not use trophies for the event but use renown or average character level to help with getting more reasonable matches and avoid tankers. Trophy count in battle mode is fine, but a different mechanic in test of might should help.

From the beginning it was apparent that the cost was too step for the poor rewards. Once you reach a higher level the rewards offered are meaningless. For example, beginners are thrilled to get 500 rares, but for others, 500 rare cards does not even provide enough to upgrade an item.

Additionally, for me, the diamond cost far seemed to far exceed the noted rewards. For 3000 diamonds (which is what i estimated it would cost to complete the event) i can acquire a few legendary and many epic cards. One player posted their take from the event and the highest card was rare, no epic or legendary. I’m glad some of you found a way around this. Even more so, i am glad I decided not to participate rather than being cheated by another PvP loophole.