Test of Might.......How are we paired up?

Hmmmm, I was all gung ho for this.

I am level 9 to 12 with 2153 PVP score. Moving up a bit! Something is still fishy here. I thought with new “pvp ranks” this could not happen?

Battle one. Opp consisted of 14 Mage, 17 Priest, 15 Rogue and Bard – Mage one shot me

Battle two. Opp consisted of 13 Rogue and Jarl - 16 Barbarian and Fighter. Barbarian 1 shot me round 2

Battle Three - Opp consisted of all level 14 - Barbarian, Bard, Lock, Ranger – At lease I died in fire.

Also, one opp had a PVP score of 2630? What am I not understanding??

Many issues surrounding match-making for the current event are being discussed in the following thread:

Perhaps the developers may provide a response to your issue there.

Thanks! Post has to be 10 characters! :slight_smile: