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Test of might ruined

Started 3 battles… all where opponent with bad skills but hero lvl +4 higher than me. So they won me because of high lvl… not by skill. And all my attempts where gone. Do is pvp pay to win only?

The PvP event match maker is terrible. Especially at the start of a new PvP season when everyone’s arena league gets reset. So people that were 3 arenas higher are now all lumped together in the event. And with so few players now it feels like more and more Event opponents are being pulled from the normal Battle queue. I will do normal PvP I’m at 34xx trophies currently in Labyrinth league. And will get opponents as low as 24xx and even had 1 opponent as low as 1200 that had to be trying to do the event but got me. I went to try to do the event and got players from Normal Battle PvP that are well above my gear and highest trophy score of 4045. It’s a dumpster fire. Your Event Queue matches should only come from other players doing the event and not pull from normal battle mode 3-4 arenas higher than you would ever normally face. Not our fault you have chased away a ton of players so that the Queues are dead you have a system in place for that we fight bots. It’s insane that in the same event I could face players with 1000 trophies higher level 20’s with who knows what level gear or Face a bot that’s level 16-17 with maybe one of the bots having maxed legendary weapon and in normal battle Absolutely stomp a someone 1000-2000 trophies lower that’s trying to fight through an event and ruin their experience. If Ludia’s goal is to kill the game with horrible experience they are doing great at it…

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You don’t even know the other half of the story. Bots in events are capped at level 18. So high trophy players can coast through the events practically undefeated. I think I’ve had to pay for an entry once this year.

My experience in events is terrible and really though. I think matchmaker should take the gear equiped level + toon level of toons you’re gonna play on the match and then match you with someone with similar attributes.