Test Your Strength - 7/8/19

Got to turn to the community on this one. Help if you can. Thanks

This is a “no ko” battle, round 2 in the event

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@Andy_wan_kenobi I’m with you… I need help on the test your strength no ko within team too! First time in a long time I haven’t been able to finish… any suggestions would be appreciated…

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Too be honest, it looks like you guys have it easy. Compared to me. :angry:

I’m not even going to bother with it anymore, waste of buck and coin as far as I’m concerned.

Yeah round two is no joke…

Put my best amphibian and two best petros in and was able to kill one but then two turns later I guessed wrong and it took out one of my creatures.

I feel your pain… I feel like this battle event is worth sitting out.
Because, your doing it for a golden pack, your probably going to waste a lot of dino buck, and get none back because there is none in a golden pack. And it’s only a full day battle event, I say better off saving your coin and dino buck and not try this one. At least the single battle event versions didn’t have very strong dinosaurs (like max, legendary non hybrids)
Of course, if anyone has actually managed to do this, please, feel free to prove this this lazy ass player wrong.

If anyone happens to get past round two please post what the next rounds are as I want to see if it is going to be worth attempting round two again.

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@Sionsith I was able to get passed the second round albeit barely. Lots of swapping out and blocking with no less than 3… I was able to eek out a victory. The third round is defeat seven opponents and the third round is a standard hybrid battle with 3 Dino’s instead of the usual one used in test your strength…


Lost my strongest six amphibians in two tries. He always did exactly those moves that were the worst for my strategy. I have no idea and no fighters left.
The only good thing is that I am not alone with my misery. I think I’m going to pass, especially because I do not know what is going to come in the next three rounds.

This is my second round. No KO in team, yet the opponent has a hell demon. Not fair. If someone has any ideas, i’ll be glad to hear them, but probably skipping this one.

Help please, this is nothing compared to some of yours, but for me it’s impossible without loosing a dinosaur

I’m with the rest of you, the difficulty of this one not worth it, particularly with lack of good rewards in the gold rewards pack. Not sure which I dislike more, the No KO one, or the Take down a gazillion opponents with your 3 one, having to do both of those for one event is not my idea of fun. I’m bummed though as the LPs would be enough for me to get another 10K pack.

Took me 2x to beat no ko. Wish I would have screen shot it. I rarely lose event battles so I’m not surprised others have problems given the threads about crazy matchups. Maybe I’m in the sweet spot where I don’t get very difficult matchups. I’m still shocked they had a Gorgosuchus tournament awhile back. I spent around 3k bucks and well worth it

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I’m actually enjoying this form of Test Your Strength. The usual 1:1 form is a boring grind.

I’ve always thought that the game never generated an unbeatable PVE match

My issue is the class matchup, the high level 31 Gorgosuchus makes my level 20 metraphodon look silly and the level 31 Gorgosuchus is just high enough to make my Indoraptors a cake shot. I tried it three different ways and the match would be easily winnable under a standard sacrifice format but the No KO makes this battle a no go for me. Congrats to those that were able to complete the event.


I’ve got three strong carnivores as opponents. So I don’t have the chance to get a little advantage with swapping. He just sits there and collects reserves.
There are no congratulations for me necessary, I have no way to succeed.

Phew, just beat it with my level 1 Apato, level 5 Stgymolch and level 30 Merionochyus

Well, on a positive note it did make me laugh when I saw this…

I could definitely beat this with my available creatures if it was just a regular battle but no KO within the team clearly isn’t in the cards. Congrats to all who beat this event!


This and my draw clearly shows the issue with a lack of high end petros especially either a health tank or a balanced one. The glass cannon metra is great for standard battles but on a no KO event they are almost worthless.


I’m happy that this event is gone now. It made me cry.