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Test Your Strength DNA Prize Wheel Is Trash

90% biased RNG that doesn’t want you to get good prizes in general kinda makes the whole point of this event battle useless especially when you’re most definitely going to get a measly 100 or so DNA from the wheel anyway. I don’t get it. If we now have a guaranteed Dino Bucks pack event battle why not the same for DNA?


You have my support!
They have to increase the DNA from 100 to 500!

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Yea the guaranteed bucks pack isnt a big deal either, it wants you to use your best dinos with huge cooldowns for 120 bucks. Not a great deal either.

DNA event is trash I accept, I just do it for CoT then I dont do any trashy events.

Exactly I used most of my good lineup just for 120 db total waste of dinos and time, you have my full support, doing dna event is not even worth it at this point because you get so little amount of dna

S-DNA guys. I’m doing it only for the S-DNA. Also this doesn’t require your top creatures so it’s basically even if just a little bit it’s extra resources. But I agree it’s a very boring event with respect to the prizes.


Exactly. It’s a super easy, free event. Sure, you get small amounts of DNA most of the time, but you do so using your worst creatures for free. And you get S-DNA.


I’ve got the pack a couple of times aswell, that’s 4k dna for an event that’s free to do.


This is not a new although :rofl:

Early on in the game I found it a super-useful event because you have to learn how to fight a matched creature, you can’t rely on using class advantage to fight yourself in mirror form. And you learn a lot about how the AI fights back. Also it’s quite fun playing with your weakest creatures.

The spin wheel at the end is very irritating though I agree. Round and round to 100 DNA every time.


It does also show you how broken the point reserve system is though, going second is much harder.


Isn’t it just! I still lose quite often going second, especially today with L1 Ophiacomimus which can kill a copy of itself with 2 hits rather than the usual 3. One wrong guess and :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:


I know we have discussed this before but to make sure folks remember…

  • You can use your worst creatures, switch the filter to go weakest to strongest and pick one of your weakest creatures.
  • The event is free… FREE
  • The event qualifies for SDNA
  • The event counts towards CoT or whatever event you might be needing battles to complete
  • you get DNA for completing each battle (I don’t remember if it was 75 or 100 but x 5 battles you are getting 375-500 as the base DNA reward
  • the spin wheel has a chance at up to 4,000 DNA with the pack