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Testa = AFK

You trot out the stupid turtle deer, you win, because I’ll just quit.



Alright then

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Probably not a bad idea. There’s little one can do against that monster, especially if its maxxed. You’ll just save yourself frustration in the end.

Or you know, have scorp g3, either works.

I’m in a match with one right now. I’m giving up - my phone’s battery isn’t the best as it is.


How exactly is SR3 a counter? Testa can cleanse the bleed via dig-in and cleansing impact (and can’t be stunned), also swapping to SR3 will trigger the on-escape heal. Testa can apply vulnerable to SR3 and its devastation is precise. So SR3 is not a counter for the deer.


Seems strong haven’t faced one yet luckily :joy:
Looking at the speed and im not sure why a pure resilient is faster than some cunnings.
I don’t want the thing nerfed instantly by the way because it hasn’t been meta relevant since its release give it some time under the spotlight.

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I don’t think a nerf should make it irrelevant. But in its current state it’s blatantly OP. Ludia simply overbuffed it, so some nerfing will be necessary. But again, such nerfs shouldn’t render it unusable.


All it needs is some stat nerfs (perhaps something around 4000 hp, 1000 damage, 124 speed), and replace cleansing decelerating impact with superiority impact so It won’t cleanse bleed with that anymore. The counter is a fun ability that fits testa, so I wouldn’t want to remove that, as well as the other healing abilities on escape heal and swap in heal.


It’s so obvious that Testa is way too op, heck it makes Dracoceratops when it had a swap in DSR seem fair!

But as I recall it took them almost a year to realise that with the rat, so maybe this time next year Testa will be brought back to balance?

In the meantime it’ll just keep getting worse and worse in the arena as more and more players will see that if you can’t beat them join them.

It’s so toxic to promote this, yet time and again we see it and no matter how hard we try it falls on deaf ears.


Rumor has it, monolorhino, ceramagnus, skoona and hadros lux all got together and wanted to put an end to everyone calling them broken.

So they devised a scheme to have Ludia make a broken op creature that puts them to shame, and that creature was Testa.


That’s a good start, but some of the resistances need to go too. For instance, the deer should be pinnable.


Ah yes, agreed. I haven’t thought of the resistances. The Lockdown resistance should go completely, and i think It shouldn’t be immune to vulnerability, this just makes fights between resilient last much longer when vulnerability won’t ever be applied by a cunning creature. Being a fast resilient gives It a bit of an upper hand on fierce, but being faster is fine as long as fierce can counter It by surviving the first 2 hits and kill It. But i wonder If It really needs deceleration immunity, just like vulnerability immunity, this one helps against other resilients, so perhaps that could go as well, tho I’m not completely sure. My logic being, since It completely counters cunnings and has a small advantage against fierce due to its speed, perhaps It shouldn’t have advantages against other resilients as well. So i feel like either vulnerability (preferable imo) or deceleration immunity should go, and as you said lockdown immunity should definitely go.


Thor can quite easily handle it though

Take away the counter heal and it will be just fine, strong, but not invincible

The counter heal can stay, it’s not creating many problems

That’s literally the biggest problem, in combination with armor the counter serves like infinite health…


Something is seriously wrong when Testa makes Hadros and Ceramagnus look fine by comparison.


The only thing worse than deer? Is deer vs deer.
I don’t have that much time to battle and its just as bad as grypo vs grypo was…
Except now it’s every other battle and its a common opener.