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Testa vs Dior

Add dior to your team and you can defeat a testa. no prob

I really would love to agree on this. But unfortunately my 30/30 Dio is still sitting on the bench waiting until it is getting relevant again.

Your opponent will simply swap in to Grypo, SR3 or IndoT to destroy your Dio without even losing much HP…


Battle trick: First, use gypro to lock it down. Then swap to dior to finish it off. after lockdown is done, swap to spicon and theres the trap.

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Sorry, what? The chances of drawing Grypo, Dior and Spinocon already is very limited.
And why should I even try to swap from Grypo to Dior? Grypo wins in a 1:1 against Testa, so why should I swap out to give Testa a free heal?


To weaken it. if you weaken it, there is a one in two chance of preserving your gypro for future uses.

I close the app when testa comes out


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Totally agree with @Samzilla . Dio vs. Testa will never happen, because testa basically swap out. Even winning with Grypo is almost impossible, because testa just tries to swap out, then dig in, tries to swap out, then dig in etc. And with the fact it still has some swap prevention resistance, it´ll happen once and you´re about to lose your grypo against something like IndoT, spinocon etc.
… and testa still has (almost) full HP

Even if testa is pined which it may not even be with its swap resistance, it’ll cleanse it and heal when you try to swap out so it’s better not to swap

you think it’s that easy to just DrAw ThEm oUt just like that?

The chances :moyai:

And plus what if testa RESISTS the swap prevention, what will you do now?

The testa will 99% swap out after it been injured by dio.

Just get in grypo when you predict testa not like thats easy either

it only has 33% it still has a high chance of getting pinned but yes the situation where testa actually resists it

It is a great counter but it’s pretty weak without any good resistances. Dio is just to weak if a Dino. It’s missing the most important resistances in the game in my opinion. Those are stun, swap and bleed. Dio is very susceptible to a monolarhino swap, SR3 toxic quills and grypo. Dio is just missing a lot of resistances that work really well against the current meta ad I listed previously.

If you swap to spinoconatrictor testa will just get a free heal off and gain hp instead of dying


Or you know

Use grypolyth

Not with stun so prevalent in this game. Scorp, Phorurex, MRhino and Cera, not to mention lower rarities with SISS.

As much as i love godzilla jr. gotta disagree
It might beat testa 1v1 but a majority of deer users arent just gonna sit and let their op deer get chipped and the 1st thing they will do is swap to a dio counter or something else less valuable
Dio’s predictable playstyle is also an issue
You can free swap to a chomper when you know its going to shield
Short answer dio’s vunerability to swapping whether an actual swap in move is used or not is very exploitable the same issue as mortem